Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buried Up To My Head In Sand, But Still Decorating!

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Ahh...summertime.  Brings back memories of days at the beach, getting buried up to my head and building monster sand castles.  There was never a sand castle made with my hands that didn't go way over board with every type of embellishment that the sea offered up for adornment.  Shells, bottle caps, seaweed, sea grapes....You name it.  Mine had to be 'different' and I had the sunburn on my back to prove it every time.

I've been buried up to my head this summer as well.  Only, it hasn't been the cool, heavy sand with salty smells keeping me trapped.  It's been a different kind of sand......construction dust from the flood that took place in my house over a months ago.  Most of the repairs have been made, with the exception of replacing something where the cabinet was removed and the finish work on the crown and base moldings.  I am slowing trying to bring back out some little somethings to create tablescapes in my dining room at the front door of my house.  This is what it looked like this morning.
The Farmhouse dining table has become a place to throw stuff.  There is my purse, a few little accent pieces that have nothing to do with each other, a dirty white hat whose owner is a mystery to me and a string of Pier One paper lanterns that I need to return because I didn't use them last week in my Yellow! Patio Redo

The drywall and paint are back up in my dining room, but the moldings aren't completed, so I am hesitant to do much decorating. 
-Before drywall-

-Drywall/Paint/No Decor-
Above is my pine chest that I found two months back.  It survived the flood with some damage to the table top.  I have decided to see the water stains as extra 'interest.'  Since the moldings in this room aren't complete, I really can't fully decorate.  But for purposes of maintaining my sanity, I decided to set out a few things to freshen up the space.  Thought I would share some images of those things.
My Terrariums from a May Project

My Offset Press Letters
from this blog post.

I have gotten the base coat of paint on my sister's Teacher Stool. I have also finally gotten my hands on my new little owls that I want to give a makeover.  Got a few other projects going as well. 

But.......I am thinking of taking a short walk on the beach late this afternoon.  All this talk about being buried under the sand has me wanting to take a few minutes to enjoy the best sand on earth....and its just a short drive away......

-The End-
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KAT said...

looking good...Love the pine chest and the lantern id fabulous. You are lucky you are so close to the beach...I love the feet in the soft sand and smell of the ocean breeze

Vicky said...

It's almost there!!! Looking so good, Lesley!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

So happy things are getting back on track. I like your little displays. Have a wonderful walk on the beach. Must be nice.

Anonymous said...

Love those terrariums! Visiting from Very Merry Vintage Style linky :-)


Sarah said...

Good luck with this project. Thanks for sharing your vintage treasures.

Deneen said...

Wish I was at the beach! I don't think I will see one this summer boohoo! Love the pine chest by the way!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Everything looks so good Lesley! I bet your happy to be at the finish line!! Martina

Lisa Montsion said...

That first picture is a amazing sandcastle.