Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spielberg Movie Set or Disaster Zone? You Be The Judge.

If you were standing in my house right at this moment, you might just think that a sequel to the movie E.T. was being set up to film.  I actually think that I could trick you into believing this.  Why? Well, if you read my post yesterday, you would know that I had a flood in my house that started on the second story and ran through to the ground floor.  In case you were wondering....No.  We didn't skim board in the water.  We most likely didn't because it was after midnight. But suffice it to say, the entire center part of my house is under the direction of what is called an 'Emergency Mitigation Company.'  They are in the process of ridding my house of anything and everything that got wet in order to avoid a mold issue.  They are removing all materials that got soaked and have these massive fans hooked up to dry out the wood and such.  So here is what this looks like right now.

You just walked through my front door.

View from the living room.
Kitchen is there to the left.

The 'zipper'  They build these in
so that someone can get into the area
when needed.  Without this zipper, I
would not be able to access half
my house.

A peek inside to see if E.T. is in there.

The walls are gone.

Ceiling is gone too.

View from the landing on the
stairs.  Below is the dining
room. Above you can see the
containment room upstairs.  I
basically have a hole through
the middle of my house.

Looking at the upstairs.
Could E.T. be up there?!
Upstairs containment room.
I swear that glow looks like
E.T.  Let's take a look.

Just kidding.

Nope. No E.T.  Just the nook minus the ruined
cabinetry with further demolition being done.

This is what the nook cabinet
 looked like all over.

The water damage was pretty extensive, but I do have fabulous news.  It did not damage the kitchen cabinets on the other side of the wall from the dining room.  Just a little bit of drywall needs to be replaced. Phew!  Huge sigh of relief!  I was not wanting to have to gut half my kitchen.!  It's bad enough. 

I did get a chance to work on that little piece for the toilet table in the master bath.  Here is a sneak peek.  After all, I gotta give you something pretty to look at,...don't I?!! 

-The End-
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tofubeast said...

Omg that looks bad. Again, you have a great outlook. Hopefully, this will all be behind you soon! hugs

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

Wow all that upheaval and you still manage to work on something and sound so positive.

Lisa said...

OMG very bad YIKES!

Deneen said...

You're too funny! ET get you out of there!!! Good Luck with it!

I Know The Plans I Have For You said...

Hi, Im following your blog and found you from MMS and I love the things you have done. would love for you to stop by mine and check it out and follow me if you like!

Lisa Montsion said...

I cant get over how beautiful your green walls are.