Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last week, I visited the Hillsboro Antiques Mall with my sister.  I told you about the day in my blog post, Exploring for Treasures and Found Elvis.  Today, I wanted to quickly show you something else that I picked up. (Please excuse my images in this post.  My house is all torn up from the food damage and this was the best I could do right now.)  Here is what I picked up............

Can you guess what this object is?? Probably so, because everyone in my house knew immediately.  It is an old french fry basket from some restaurant.  Maybe too many trip to McDonald's made them experts?...who knows?  At any rate, I picked it up for $5 and knew that somehow I would re-purpose this fun little object. 

A few days later, my daughter was helping me clean and clear up my studio.  Boy can she organize!  She was arranging my art books and my boom box area, when she asked how I wanted my CDs to be collected. I immediately thought about that fry basket and grabbed it and gave it to her.  Yes, her face was priceless!  After getting over the initial confusion, she collected them up and got to work. After all, she does know the nut job that is me!  She added a little crocheted doily to the mix (born designer) and placed them on top of an apple crate filled with art books in my studio.  

I think it is pretty darn cute and efficient.  Just don't tell Josh Groban.  I doubt he would like to know his Illuminations CD is in an old fry basket.....well, until I cracked it back open to listen to his amazing voice bellow while I put paint brush to canvas.  Have a great day!  Find joy in the little things.....even if it's a little silly.

-The End-

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Twice Nice said...

This is so freaky amazing cuz the last 3 visits to one of our antique stores I too have picked up (then put down) the same style of fry basket! Not sure what I would do with it, but loving it's meshy basket. Now I want to go back there TODAY and get that puppy. Very clever use for it!