Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Only Money, Right?!

Did you ever get the feeling that you overpaid for something.....and the more you think about it, you just don't care?  I mean, what are 'things' worth and why?  How do they get to be worth what they cost?  I know, I know....there are some economic precepts involved here.  I learned about those back in college in some boring business class.  Let's not get all so economically analytical.  Oh! okay....You weren't getting that way?? My bad.  Sorry for the diversion. 

Anyway....I paid too much for something.  Even though I asked for and got a discount, I still paid more than what I should have.  It comes back to the supply and demand thing from college.  When supplies are down and demand is there.....well, so is the price.  Are you sick and tired of me rambling?? I am too.  So here is the deal.  Primitive, vintage stuff is hard to come by in my area of the country.  Ya gotta really search it out.  So imagine my surprise when I walked into a consignment store this past week and found a small pile of old offset letter press letters sitting all alone in a cubby space.  When I saw them, my heart almost jumped out of my chest!  I could not have run over quicker to take a look!!  I scooped all of them up and head toward the register, only to realize that they had a price tag of $10 each!!  Wow, even for the tiniest of block letters were $10 a piece. Darn.  

Now, someone with a brain would have put them back and walked on.  No, not me.  I kept on to the register and pleaded my case.  After all....who the heck would want these more than me?  They cut the price in half. At $5 each, I  picked out my favorites.  (I was hoping that I would get all of them for $20.  No such luck.)  I plucked $25 down.  They wrapped them up and I was out of that store faster than Ben Franklin printed the Pennsylvania Gazette. 

Yes....I know.  I paid too much. But oh how I love love love these little letters!  They just bring a smile to my face.  I have not yet found the perfect spot for them.  My house is still all torn up from the flood damage.  But they do make me oh so very happy......even if I paid too much.

-The End-


Carolyn said...

AWESOME FIND! I'm jealous! Wish I could go there and get the other ones! totally "worth" it to me too!

Debbie~refreshrestyle.com said...

Sometimes you just have to pay too much! I've done it, but I just gotta have some things! Can't wait to see where you use these!

Colleen said...

Oh....I'm in love! And slightly jealous. I've seen these on ebay, blogs and in magazines but never in any store around here. I'm sure I would have done exactly what you did. My heart was racing as I read your post. And if you feel you paid too much but they still make you smile then you did the right thing :-)

Twice Nice said...

I've never been lucky enough to find some of those! Pretty sure I would have paid the $10/ea and felt most happy that they were in my hands now. Have fun with them!