Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy Days, Sipping Coffee and Going Antiquing

Ruby chillin' on the hammock
It's the lazy days of summer.....Time to slow things down a little, right?!  For me that is the case.  No more stress about schoolwork.  Just chill.  I am taking a little more time in my mornings to sip, not drink, my coffee. I am enjoying the slower pace that the heat seems to bring right along with it.  I'm giving my doggies a few more belly rubs and taking the time to enjoy my home.  
Something like this...
only white.
Today, I am hitting the Hillsboro Antique Mall with my sister who is a school teacher off for the summer.  She is looking for a new chandy for her kitchen.  I am looking, well, for everything. No. Really.  I would like to find a little farmhouse bench with a chippy finish....preferably in a white for my master bathroom.  I would also like to score some old stained glass windows.  Who knows what the adventure will deliver? 

The mall says on their website that they have a Cafe.  I have been in this mall twice and have never seen a Cafe. That should be interesting.  So it's lunch and shopping with my sis. Ahh...  It's summer.  Hope you are enjoying a little slower pace and a sip of your coffee too.

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Ranger 911 said...

I hope you do score a stained glass window like the one you posted! I love the simple designs best as they still let in a lot of light. Antiquing is always best when you do it with your sis! Have fun!

Joselyn @ The DIY Spot said...

Thanks for stopping by. Last day of school here is June 28. I can't wait. Looking forward to slowing down as well. Hope you had a successful shop.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Lesley, it's funny, I have a stained glass window very similar to the one you have pictured. I hope you find what you're looking for.