Sunday, June 5, 2011

Impromptu Weekend Project Spurred On By A Deal

While shopping yesterday for a soft and comfy chair, I found an amazing deal and couldn't pass it up.  My hubby and I have been wanting to upgrade our entertainment furniture for 6 years.  When we moved into the house, there was a built in cabinet already sitting in our main living area.  Over the past 6 years, I have painted it twice and it is currently red.  I decided to 'live with it,' because what we really wanted for that space was just way way expensive.  We couldn't bring ourselves to make the investment.  Boy, am I glad we waited!

I walked into a furniture consignment store near my neighborhood and found the exact same piece of furniture that we had wanted for years!  The exact same one!  So now I'm going to talk money because, to fully get the scope of my excitement, I must tell you about this steal of a deal.  There is a high end retail furniture store called Antiques and Country Pine.  When I stroll through this store, I drool.  But I mainly stroll through, drool and leave.  The prices of their T.V. cabinets range between $4500 to $10,000.  Serious money.  The one cabinet that we have had our eye on sells for somewhere in the $5000 range.  Wow! Right!? 

Can you tell where this story is going??  Yep, you guessed it.  I walked into this consignment store and there it sat.  Heart pumping, I asked his best price.  Please sit down.  You need to be sitting.  I got this cabinet for $775!!!  Crazy exciting!  Now see why I had to talk money?  What a deal!  It gets delivered on Tuesday.

I most often post to my blog in the morning, but we have spent the first half of the day prepping for the delivery.  We started the day by unloading 6 years of stuff from the built in.  Then, Ed  arrived to help us move it out of the house. You might remember Ed because he installed the bead board in my master bedroom redo.  He is going to use the entertainment center we are removing in his house.  Nothing is going to waste.  I like it when that happens. 
Ed, acting like a cat!
 We removed the enter built in and found this.....
The walls behind the removed unit. Yikes!
Three different wall colors of years gone by are revealed.  We forgot about this and hadn't anticipated the need to get out paint and touch this up.  Guess what?  Yep, we got the paint out and the two of use took the 45 minutes to paint it over fresh.  Wasting no time. 

This image on the left shows my helpful hubby putting on the second coat while I rest from being shocked by stepping on a hot wire.  Yep.  That's right. Novice error.  But I am fine.  Just a little 'shocker'....You can laugh.  That's okay. 

We are using a piece of furniture that I bought several weeks back from a yard sale that was sitting in my inventory of work to be done.  It will work for the next few days until we get our new cabinet.  Here is how the project looks right now.  Pitiful, I know.  But in just two days, I will have that cabinet sitting right there!  So excited.

Here are two another images that I took of the cabinet in the consignment store.  Just love the details in this cabinet.  Makes me smile.  But the savings makes me smile even bigger.
Details of the right upper crown.

Hubby opening and looking
to see if there is enough storage.
I never did find the comfy chair I was looking for...Perhaps another time. The furniture painting project that I had planned for today will not get done.  Sometimes other things get in the way.  It's always pretty awesome when what gets in the way is so worth it.  I still have a few hours of sunshine left in the day.....think I will go get out in it!

-The End-


tofubeast said...

That is beyond awesome!!! You are so lucky with your finds. What are you going to put on the sides of this unit? Or is that for another blog post? dun dun dun...

Ranger 911 said...

How great to finally find that elusive piece you have been looking for AND for a bargain price! Lucky you.
I have signed up as a new follower and enjoyed reading previous posts. I like your energy and enthusiasm for creating. Vickie

MELANIE said...

What an amazing deal...its funny how things just come to us sometimes. It is a beautiful piece!

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