Friday, June 17, 2011

A Mountain to Move All By Myself and a Giveaway Announcement

Norm Abrams in a
home workshop.
Many of you who have been reading my blog have heard me refer to "my workshop" often as a place that furniture and stuff goes to that I am not keeping in my house.  A workshop sounds real fancy and all well-thought-out, I know.  It sounds like a place where awesome equipment rules and the lighting is bright.  It is a place that magic takes place and transformations happen.  

Well.....the truth is, my 'workshop' is nothing more than my semi-converted garage.  It has been operating as a 'chill room' for my kids up until the last month or so.  The problem was, there hadn't been much chillin' going on in there and I needed the space to throw all this sh--, well stuff into.   I call it a workshop by default.
Gotta get the Ikea sofa OUT!

To make matters worse, my actual home studio is a complete disaster because of this.  Stuff that should be in a workshop is crowding out the studio and making a cluttery mess of nothing.  

So here is the rub.  I have to figure out how I am going to get this organized with no help.  Yep.  No help.  Move all this heavy heavy stuff with one cart and nobody.  Makes me wonder if the dream of having a business of my own is possible.  I see all these people out on the blogs taking their stuff to shows, setting up shops in malls and retail spaces.  Just how do these people physically pull this off?!!!   I even gave away a relatively new Ikea couch and couldn't get anyone to pick it up to clear it away!! 

I rarely see a mention of the behind the scenes work to getting this stuff accomplished.  It is like there are magical elves out there helping everyone but me!!  So, if you are reading this and you can point me in the right direction to find these happy helpers, I would be so appreciative!! (wink)
On a side note, I am about to hit 100 followers and am planning my very first giveaway! Yeah!  I have a sweet little something to giveaway and I am making it simple without all the hoops to jump though to enter!  Details to follow in the next days....

-The End-


Full Circle Creations said...

I generally do it all by myself with some help from Dad (he has a bad back so it has to be light) and my Mom, but I do all the heavy lifting. I built a cart to help me when I go to craft shows so that I don't have to make as many trips, but otherwise, it's just me. No little elves. I know that doesn't help your situation, but didn't want you to think that you were alone.


Allen said...

Hey, I would be a helper elf, but I am kind of far away. Congrads on a 100 followers. Soon Gerry can retire, you can make big bucks blogging and Gerry can be your grunt-well, at least,it is a fantasy, a good one or bad one I will leave to you and your sista>>>-LOL

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I don't have a business but I'm on my own for home improvement or projects of any kind. My husband is a great guy but handy he is not! If there is something I just cannot physically do I have to hire it out. I have a great handy man but he charges by the hour and it adds up fast. I have to plan very carefully what I have him do. Good luck moving your mountain...I'm a new follower.

Lisa Montsion said...

I love how you shared with us where you work your magic.