Saturday, January 1, 2011

Artist Statement

Clay is the primary material in my sculptural work.  I often mix the media using found objects to convey a story. My work is primarily figurative in nature, but I also indulge in make objects to enhance household life.

When I approach my canvases, I do so with a very loose concept of what I will create.  I love to build my work through layering of line, color and texture. I enjoy the interactions between lines and colors and the forces that are created as they interact on the canvas.  Working in a variety of medium I employ many different techniques including both direct mark making and indirect methods of laying down imagery. 

My work is constantly evolving and I am not afraid to completely cover a previous work and start again using only parts of the previous painting as an under painting.  I have a tendency to work with vibrant colors and dramatic rolling lines.  I mix my colors intuitively, leaving behind the scholarly ways that I was taught in the past and building tones, using them, adding more tone and continuing.

My imagery varies and often is as a result of my moods.  I never finish a painting in one sitting and rarely finish one within the week I start one.  Every mark is an out flow of my personal energy to the painting surface.

I rescue discarded items, furniture and tired elements and turn them into useful objects. I believe that re-purposing is an important skilll/craft that our culture should pursue in order to cut down on waste and conserve on our resources.

My work is a journey....a never ending documentation of the paths that I explore...

-The End-


Rachael Chatham said...

Beautiful art work! I am a fellow FAU alum and a new blogger now living in Asheville, NC. Love your site - I'm inspired!

Lisa Montsion said...

What a beautiful piece of art.