Friday, February 9, 2018

The Homeless Finch Has Found Her Nest: Projects, Plans and Peace

Jehane Lyle, Watercolor on paper, "Cuppa" - detail

This week has been a complete blast.  Getting my hands back into creativity has been wonderful. I had actually forgotten how much I really enjoyed up-cycling furniture.  I've been elbow deep in tiles, thin set, cutting wood, fixing drawers with glue and clamps, painting, cutting, pasting, staining, sanding and creating instant patinas.  I'm constantly searching online, on the side of the road and the occasional stop at a thrift store for little treasures in need of a redesign.

I've got several projects in the works and many more waiting in the wings.  I find myself constantly planning The Homeless Finch's initial and longer term inventory.  As I work with my hands, my mind is in a whirl of creativity and ideas.  I am sorting through and developing an action plan, a philosophy and setting goals.  My mind wanders through my storage areas remembering so many great things that I have collected over the years.  So many unusual objects that I've been hanging onto for 'that day.' I'm developing how this business will play a role in service within my tiny community.  I make decisions to only sell local made items with the intent to showcase the artisans of the valley and give them an avenue to sell their creations. My friend Jehane is an artist and an art restoration expert.  She has been creating a series of fun, whimsical water color books and paintings on paper (image above) and we are planning how she will be offering these yummy artistic treats for sale in the shop once it opens. Everything feels right. 

Eric's shelves (detail)
Eric has been busy building custom shelves for a client on the west side of town.  His precision is arresting to me.  The project has multiple odd angles and measurements and he is completely enjoying the challenge.  I ponder over how together we make such a great partnership. We understand each other, but also compliment each other at the same time.  He helps me problem solve even if it's his silence that speaks strongly! (HA)

I am working on a complete re-design of a desk, rescuing a small stand with paint and tile and designing a new tile top table out of natural stone, granite and marble.  Each project has challenges and I am enjoying the twist and turn that come as the process is revealed. 

I would normally ask myself, "Why did I ever stop creating for The Homeless Finch?"  But I already know the answer.  Where I used to live didn't have a market and no one was interested up-cycled creations.  In so many ways, I was a finch fish out of water!  California is different.  These are my people.  It's a state full of souls who love the environment, try to conserve our resources and celebrate renewal.  It is here in this tiny little Ojai Valley that The Homeless Finch has finally found her nest and I am home. 

Desk Re design in progress (detail)


Lisa said...

Sister finch has begun her journey! ONWARD!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Getting your groove. Off to a great start

Lesley Laine said...

I’m having a blast D. Really missed it

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