Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects In Limbo, Broom in Hand

Center of headboard of the
four poster bed

I'm in limbo this week.  The master bedroom is coming along, but until my painter, Ravi shows up in a few days, it will sit resting and waiting.  I guess that is okay.  It's had some huge workouts lately and would probably like to be left alone.  I am super happy with the results from the four poster bed and the hall tree.  We removed a few pieces of furniture out of the room yesterday, including that awful bookcase that I spoke of here.  I am trying to par down and create a more serene environment.  There was just too much stuff in there. 

I don't really want to continue to work the details when I know his crew will be moving everything into the middle and piling anything in sight under tarps.  I am also waiting for the delivery of my new entertainment cabinet.  I can't organize my workshop in the garage until a local charity arrives to remove a Ikea sectional and coffee table.  So what's a girl to do?!
I awoke this morning with all of theses thoughts rolling through my head.  I have a ton of cleaning and clearing to do.  I need to clean up my studio and situate a few things.  But, none of that is worthy of a blog spot.  I mean, come on, do you really want to see images of my piles of clutter, the removal and the after images?!!  I will answer for you...No! 

I have a few projects that I could work on today and show you, like the cushions on a chair in my master bedroom that I need to recover.  But then, I am still on the fence about which fabric to use.  I really can't make that decision until the walls are painted.  I have to get a better feel for how that chiffon yellow is going to effect the overall tone in the room. 

So here I sit.....I got nothing for you.  Zilch. Nada. Nothing.  So pardon me while I clean up today, regroup and come back tomorrow with something a little more worthy of your attention. That is, if you don't think the super cool mini-reveal I just gave you on the four poster bed wasn't enough. (wink) 
Happy Monday!

-The End-


MELANIE said...

Make sure in between cleanin up, you take a few minutes to just relax and think of how wonderful the room will be when your done. I do this to get me thru all the hardwork.

Cant wait to see the big reveal (i love the little reveal too)

Lucky 7 Design

knack said...

cleaning out is the best feeling! I hope you get lots done today!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the owl! and guess what! i have the same exact one!!!! ali from my third true love mailed me alittle owl pair and that was one of them!!!
glad to hear i am rubbing off on you. :)