Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Finds, Hope For Better Days and Some Yak About My Master Bedroom Transformation

A quick little trip out around the neighborhood today yielded these two little finds.  An old, fire engine red gas can and a chippy Tiffany blue basket.....all for 2 bucks.  I was more in the mood today to ride around and enjoy the cool morning here in Sunny South Florida and I did just that while listening to the warming, jazzy tones of John Mayer flowing from my car speakers.  When I listen to the lyrics of his music, I am comforted with the knowledge that he seems to really speak for his generation.....and I like what I hear.  These people will soon take over the guidance of our nation and it gives me hope for a great future full of acceptance of all and openness to new ideas.  Now that is a reveal that I am looking forward to!

I will be continuing to work on my master bedroom this weekend.  The painting is completed and I am super excited about how the lemon yellow walls and crisp white bead board brighten the once dark room.  The images to the right is my hubby's nightstand.  A piece of coral that I found on my recent trip to the Florida Keys is sitting pretty.  The basket was picked up at a recent yard sale for 25 cents and a little vintage hankerchief with some heavy weights inside make a great spot to store the television clicker. 
My little owl that I spray painted and showed you last week, here, has been making the rounds in the house.  I am thinking that perhaps he has found a home on my nightstand atop a Target candle holder and a little nest that I picked up at AC Moore.  Sweet. 

Busy weekend ahead for me.  I have a few cushions to address on a chair that I have relocated to the master bedroom.  Can't make a decision on what I want to do with it, so it is sitting right here waiting. (image to the right) I have a few piles of whatnots sitting around waiting for me find a way to make them work in the room.  I still also need to wax the Hall Tree and the back posts on the four poster bed need waxing as well.  Busy busy busy...... Enjoy the day!
Whatnots waiting for purpose.
-The End-


tofubeast said...

The owl in his little nest is just adorable. I love how you breath new life into these things you find at yard sales and so forth!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

The blue basket is really pretty. The master bedroom sounds like it will be super cheerful. Can't wait to see the reveal.

Lisa Montsion said...

I love the statue of the owl.