Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Fascinating"" Party Idea....Cheerio!

Haven't had enough of the Royal Wedding after buzz??  Looking to get your crumb cakes going?  Then why not host a "Fascinator Party?"  That is just what my good friend, Dani, did and we had a fabulous time.

What is a Fascinator Party? is a craft-style get together.  Everyone brings supplies to make their own British Fascinator.  The hostess sets up an area to work.  Everyone brings extra supplies to share of whatever might be laying around at home.  Remember glue guns, staplers and the like. 

I was amazed at how every-one's take on this project was so different!!  So much fun!  Take a look....

She started with some theme-specific treats...

A nice toddy.....

and the creating began................

Here are a few of the finish products!!! FUN!

My sister's fascinator...very Kate.

A prize winner! Also, very Kate!

How much fun is this?! A little more like Beatrix!

A plate of sushi! Hysterical!

Two heads are better than one!
These two sisters made hats that together made a

My fascinator...of course, a finch!
We had such a blast making these fun hats, but the best part was.....we continued the party at a local restaurant for drinks and a little dinner!  It was crazy fun and everyone in the restaurant had fun with us too!  Crazy women out for some fun! 

I loved my fascinator so much, I decided to add it to a candle stick holder that I picked up at a thrift store last week for 50 cents.  Walla!  My hat is now a decoration! 

You gotta try this with a group of your friends.  It's a great way to get together and do something silly.  I think the key to is to keep it simple.  My friend had a very nice table of snacks to enjoy while crafting.  Tables set up with covers in a blue and red theme is fun.  She also had two prizes for the best of Kate style and the best of Beatrix style and we all voted on slips of paper.  

First Prize was this
neat coffee mug!

Get your crumpets going and plan one of these unique parties with your friends.  It's jolly good fun and the dining out in public while showing off your creations will definitely yield a few "Cheerios!" from your fellow diners.....

-The End-


Twice Nice said...

Now THAT looks like a blast! What a fun way to spend an evening.

Lisa said...

It was a fun afternoon and evening!

tofubeast said...

Yay!! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Fascinator get-togethers are popular in England. It's time for them to become big on THIS side of the pond!!

Patty Sumner said...

What a fun and creative idea. You girls came up with some "fancinating" ideas! Amazing what you can do with a glue gun and stapler. Blessings!