Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drywall!! Yippee!!

Ahhh......drywall! Never thought I would ever be so happy about drywall.  But this is a huge day in my house.  Many of you know about the water damage in our house.  Well, today.....We will no longer be air conditioning the attic.  Can you imagine what it costs to air condition a house and an attic during the heat of the summer in South Florida?  Well.....something tells me that I will find out when that energy bill comes in the mail. (insert violin music)

Yesterday, we had Ed replace the window in the master bedroom.  What's that you said?  Oh....you didn't know about that window problem too?  Oh...I must explain then. First, if you have ever heard the cliche 'When it rains, it pours,' you might think it applies here.  When the emergency mitigation company (I sound so smart saying that don't I?) cut out all the drywall in the damaged area in the master bedroom, they uncovered an 8 year old leaky window. We are talking serious, long term water damage with rotted wood galore.  No mild, thank goodness.  Mind you, no insurance company will cover that stuff.  I was never a fan of the fixed decorative window that was already there, plus that type of window always seems to have problems.  So we replaced the window too. 

Yesterday, Ed had to cut out a 4 foot hole in the front of my house to rid the walls of rotted wood and install the new window.  Yes, it was noisy, but the sound of fireworks, like M-80s going off on my street seemed to blend right in!!  Best part.... I  now have a larger window which let in more light and will allow me to open it to bring more fresh air into the room.  Cool beans.

So for know I am stuck with tarps and dust and dirt again.  But, I am holding my breath hoping for the end of this 'project.' At least my drywall guy attempts to keep the dust down and covers everything with plastic.....not that it always works that way.  Here is an image to the right of a pile that is sitting in my dining room as I write this. 

Pretty isn't it??!!  Not!

I have started working on a new painting.  I am hoping to show you more about that in the next few days.  It's just impossible to get anything pretty done under these circumstances.  But it's progress!  Stay tuned.....I swear that I will get back to the good stuff.

-The End-


Deneen said...

In all your craziness I wasn't sure if you got to see my thank you. The mushrooms are too cute. I know you ca't wait to get back to normal. Sometimes good things turn out of something bad. Good luck!

Gypsy Heart said...

Hang in there...you're almost at the finish line! I know that's hard to hear but at least there's drywall now ~ yay!

Good luck and try to stay cool. It's incredibly hot here...hate it.

Hope your week goes really well and all will be finished.


Jen T said...

YAY!! I know you are tickled and a new window is always a good thing! Good thing you caught thought before mold set in..that's a blessing! Happy to hear of progress - jen