Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Inspirations From The Road Traveled

I have friend from back in my BFA program who is currently traveling throughout the UK and Europe.  Her name is Chris Wynn and she is an art teacher and photographer, who hails originally from Jamaica.  I have been struck by many of the images that she has uploaded to her Facebook page.  There are too many to show here, but I picked out a few that I thought you guys would find interesting and pertinent to our interests.

First up is this cool, vintage-style sign that she saw in Camden.  So many of the bloggers that I follow love making signs and this one is the coolest one I have ever seen.  Would love to see a few of you replicate this one.  Love it.

Chris has taken loads of exterior garden and landscape images that are so amazing. The lush greens in the UK always stun me.

Look at this image below.  There is nothing like wildflowers, trailing ivy and craggy rocky beauty.  What great subject matter for a painting or inspiration for a garden.

The drama in the skies during her stay in Wales!  Breathtaking.  The lines in this photo below are magnificent.  Something about the emotions in the image reminds me of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.  They also remind me of the lines in my friend, Riitta Susanna Klint's work.   

Chris has done a little 'house hunting' while in Scotland and Wales.  Look at this dream home atop a hill.....  Now I would love to get my hands on this house interior!

But, the pièce de ré about this little cottage!!!   OMG.  Is it just to die for??  The grass growing on the roof just took me over the edge.  Oh course, I am sure that these two homes are probably famous in their own right and I should be giving you their names or something. But hey, I just wanted to show you this stuff. I find these images so inspirational.

Speaking of pièce de résistance, (a French term, duh) I will be traveling to Paris in August for 12 days.  I have been contemplating what to do with my blog.  Do I close it down for 2 weeks, or report from Paris daily??  Chris had made me think of reporting in from Paris with  inspirations as it relates to The Homeless Finch.  If you travel and are a creative person, you know how inspiration is around every corner.  Last year, we spent two weeks along the coast of California and I snapped shots left and right that inspired this pot of succulents on a primitive cart sitting in Old town, San Diego.  Isn't it the bomb?!  

I haven't made my decision whether to suspend The Homeless Finch or not.  Still thinking..... Got any thoughts on this?? Would love to hear them.  I really do want your opinion.  I am waiting to hear....but for now, I gotta go get packing.......
Source:Kisha Jagger,
The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife
(Thanks, Chris for letting me use your images in my blog today! Safe travel to you as you continue on to Paris and Amsterdam!)

 -The End-


Katie said...

#1 - I'm VERY jealous you're going to Paris! How exciting! #2 - I would kill to live in that first house (ok, maybe only maim)! I'd be in heaven with green grass and cloudy skies! #3 - I think it'd be awesome for you to do posts from Paris every now and then! But, if you take a mini vacay we'll still be here when you get back! =)

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

A few teaser posts while you are away would be great, keep us in suspense. Have fun in Paris, good food, great wine...Jealous yes

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Wow! Yes, I'm jealous as well. I think if you find the time and the inspiration to post while in Paris, great...but I wouldn't hold myself to any kind of a schedule! I hope you find lots of wonderful inspiration, and we'll be glad to hear about it whenever you get around to posting!

Riitta said...

Thanks for the mention..Awesome photos from your friend and so inspired by your energetic blogging and taking on of all the projects you do! Hugs!

KAT said...

well... posting from France would be very cool! Maybe not everyday because you will be in a state of enjoying the trip so much...but maybe just photos and a few words about the experience as it happens would be so cool