Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Table-scape On A Washington And A Half

I bought this metal pitcher at my local Goodwill a few weeks back for $1.50.  I see things like this and know that a little paint will bring them back to life.  I liked the shape and the butterfly and dragonfly raised pattern on surface. 

It got the obligatory white spray painting on it.  I was going to paint it blue on top with red stripes going down the lower part of the pitcher, but decided that keeping it white gave me more flexibility of theme.  I decided that I would just add a little decor to it as needed.

With Independence Day approaching, I decided to make a little accent to match.  I had been seeing pinwheels all over the blogs made for all sorts of applications.  I took two patriotic colored and patterned papers from my stash and cut two 3 1/4 squares.  With rubber cement, I pasted them wrong sides together.  I folded them diagonally corner to corner twice creating four cut lines on the diagonal.  Using those lines as my guide, I cut on those four diagonal lines stopping short of the center.  I then folded each left corner in to form a pinwheel.  Since I am not using this pinwheel in the traditional sense, I just used a little hot glue to glue the corners down to the center.  I added a white button as an accent.   

Using a few strands of raffia, I attached it to the pitcher and added some patriotic flowers. 

I like to decorate little areas in my house for different holidays.  I set up a little table-scape at my front door to welcome guests with  patriotic flair.  Here it is in a small vignette on a table at my front door.  Simple, easy and cost me $1.50.  I picked up the birdhouse and shutter at AC Moore on 50 percent off, plus another 20 percent with a coupon.  I just love a good deal.   Super happy with the way this simple little project turned out.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it. 

Have a Happy Independence Day. I got a barbecue to plan.

-The End-


tofubeast said...

So pretty!! You always have such amazing holiday decorating sense!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Very pretty Lesley!!