Monday, July 18, 2011

Coffee Bean Pillow Cover: A Little Package With A Bigger Meaning

How is it that is the little things that matter?  I mean, the big stuff is.....well, big.  Nothing wrong with a little "big" in our lives.....right?!  I remember getting a huge box from my mom one year for Christmas.  It was one of those big boxes that actually had a tiny gift hidden inside.  It was a gold braided serpentine bracelet, which was all the rage back in the late 70s, early 80s.  They went along with those gold rope necklaces. Remember those?!!  What were we thinking??  Just gaudy.

So back to the little things, because we all know that it is the little things are awesome.  They are like the stitches in a quilt, each one something special.  Put altogether, they make something amazing.  Something that comforts us.  Something that keeps us going, even when struggles cross our paths.  I know......  I can hear you.  "Where are you going with this? Move on.  Quite babbling."  Okay. So.  I am going through a pretty tough patch in life.  Nothing too catastrophic, like a bad illness.  Just the life of a mother of teens, repairing a flooded out house and trying to figure things out on many levels.  I have been really struggling to 'keep it in the road.'  You ever find yourself there??  The stress alone of trying not to go into the ditch is pretty exhausting.  Am I babbling again??  I am?? Sorry......
Deneen's Bird Wall Art

Anyway.....I will get through all this. This too shall pass as it always does. (Here is the little things part that matters)  What is getting me through it all?  Well, an awesome and supportive family, a one tough as heck constitution and a string of little things that make me smile.  Those little things......are so important.  But you have to have your eyes open to find them.  Sometimes.....they are a simple pleasures.  Like the package that came in the mail the other day.  It wasn't a surprise. After all.....I purchased it.  I was having a particularly tougher time when I noticed the package on the counter and knew exactly what it was.  I had ordered it from my friend Deneen at Dreaming in Color's Etsy page.  It was a coffee bean pillow cover inside that package.  

As I opened the outer envelop, I realized that it was wrapped like a present.  I stopped stunned.  Deneen could have just placed the pillow cover in the large envelop and sent it.  But, she didn't.  She wrapped it like a present, complete with a raffia bow and a card from her shop, Micucci Designs.  I sat for a moment and just looked at it.  I didn't want to open it, even though I knew good and well what was inside.  (I know....I'm weird.) I opened the card and read it and decided to put the wrapped present aside for a day.  Yep.  I was going to wait until I could open it when I was ready to receive my little thing. When I had a moment to relish opening a present.....a gift I gave myself.....because I deserve it. 

I realize that it is just a pillow cover, but it is so much more to me.  Deneen has been an inspiration to me.  I wrote about her bird wall art back in my blog post, Enough About Me! Highlights From The Blogs.  I bought this pillow cover, not only because I liked it, but I wanted to support my fellow blogging friend.  Now, the pillow cover was helping to support me on a bad day.   It is amazing how everything is connected.   You can see these things......if you are paying attention.  So here it is, hanging out on my small, newly re-covered sofa in my home.

I love my pillow cover, not only because it matches this sofa perfectly, but because it brought so much more than an accent to my living space, it brought a bright moment in my life.  Do you keep your eyes out for the little things? 

Do you cherish those little gifts that come your way to make your path seem oh so much more enriched?  It may just be a flower blooming in your garden, a bird passing outside your window for a split second, a smile from a stranger, a joke that a co-worker tells that makes you chuckle.  It might just also be something that comes in the mail that you ordered for yourself.....because you are worth it. 

-The End-


Twice Nice said...

What a lovely post! It is so true that we spend so much time focusing on all the clutter that we miss the bright little spots that are all around us. Enjoy your pillow cover! Deb

Deneen said...

Once again Lesley you made me tear up!
It is so funny how blogging has made total strangers friends! I am always glad to inspire someone. You have a gift too! Not only are you and artist and a writer, you always seem to say the right things! The greatest thing about life is that no matter how hard it gets, it usually passes! Its the lessons you learn along the way that matter and the people you share it with! Thanks for being one of those people! Hugs Deneen
PS Thanks for ordering the pillow cover!

Jen T said...

COOL and I love the packaging was so special! Your new pillow looks identical to the bag I have framed in my living room. I love it! Have a good day, Lesley - Jen

Grammy Goodwill said...

What a beautiful post. I hope life eases for you.

KAT said...

Hugs to you! Glad you are looking for small blessings...The pillow is great and unique to me. I often am lifted by seeing a bird in my trees or when I look at flowers or read nice comments in my blog!
Love your blog my friend

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

What a lovely reminder. I am trying to change/improve my home so that there are little things around me that bring me joy, so that my heart lightens when I look at them. I think it's beginning to work ;-)

Ranger 911 said...

I agree, sometimes it is the unexpected surprise that gets you out of a funk.

LOVE the pillow!! BTW, I have a small piece of your couch fabric I bought for dining room curtains. Didn't work out, but still love the fabric. Just goes to show, great minds think alike! :@

Lisa Montsion said...

I love that red bird.