Saturday, July 2, 2011

Help! I Need Your Advice!

I have a dilemma.  One of the things that the flood in my house did was ruin a cabinet that once held a mini-fridge and a sink.  The above image shows how it stands at this moment.  If you squint and look real close you can see the valves a few feet off the ground. The valves serviced a sink that was once here.  There was also a mini-fridge in the cabinet.  Here is the dilemma....Do we replace it just like it was or change this up?  If we change it.....what do we do here?  

A wet bar is considered an asset to have in a master suite, but we never used it.  We had canned drinks forever stored in the mini-fridge that we never used.  This nooks is in a weird location, right at the top of the stairs and tucked away in a place that looks more like a secret entrance to a hallway heading to another room. 

So what do all of you think? Just replace it like it was or do something else?  Any ideas?  Any creative thoughts?!!

-The End-


tofubeast said...

I'm the last person who should comment, but what about an:
-antique or unusual sink (or even some object turned into a sink)
-a vanity where you resurface the piece or finish so it fits in with other decor
-instead of a fridge, buy an old small vending or commercial fridge (think old soda pop bottles kinda thing)

* I think this is your opportunity to make that nook flow with the rest of the room.

Twice Nice said...

If you would change it up would a small desk or maybe a bookshelf for a "library" feel work there? I think the space should be something that fits with what you want to do there, not what the realtor tells you. If you disguise the plumping in a cabinet an owner down the line could always reinstall a sink. Just my 2 cents worth, which might be slightly over valued! LOL

Patty Sumner said...

Just found your blog....lovely! I agree with twice Nice...a shelf, desk or perhaps a neat storage area. I hope you will stop by and see me at "My Mountain Blessings"! Blessings to you and yours!

Terry said...

I definitely think change it up if you didn't really use the sink and fridge before. However, I don't have any suggestions for the new space. Can you think of something that is currently missing from the space? Maybe the desk as mentioned previously by other commenters? Would you get more use out of a 3-sided mirror to check your outfit from all angles? Maybe a tower of cubbies for shoe storage? I think it should come from what you feel is missing from the master suite. Good luck - can't wait to see what you decide.

Elaine Clark said...

I agree with everyone else. I think it is a very strange place for a sink or mini fridge. I would put a closet or book shelf or whatever storage requirements you are missing. It should flow with the rest of your suite. Also, whenever I have watched a House Hunters episode and people see a sink out of the bathroom in the master suite, they are not happy about it. Just my thoughts since you asked. I love your blog.