Saturday, July 16, 2011

Woodsy Perch Hops, Keeps Watch And Finds Some New Friends

A few month back, I found this little wise friend at a yard sale and dedicated an entire blog post about it entitled, Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute.  Since then, Woodsy has traveled around my house perching himself in the middle of the action.  I can't tell you to joy I have gotten out of a $2 purchase.  He is just the coolest thing ever. 

Here he is hooting around my front door,  on my Adirondack chair next to my water garden.  On this day, he was greeting guests for a cocktail party.  Always on the watch.  This was from a blog post entitled, Hoppy Spring, which was a reveal of a front door decor redo.  He would eventually take flight from this spot after almost falling to his demise a few times as my teenagers bumped the chair walking into the house with backpacks.

Here is Woodsy chilling in my backyard reading spot. This was from a blog post about sprucing up a little place in my backyard.  The blog post was entitled, Making A Place Just For One.  He liked it here for quit sometime.  Maybe it was the Country Living Magazine?  I am thinking it was probably the view of the boats floating by that he enjoyed the most.  Maybe it was that he was safe here from teenagers and backpacks.......

This past week, he soared up over and rested his little wings right in the middle of my new upper patio.  I think he is pretty happy around all this bright yellow and fresh decorations.  No matter where Woodsy ends up, he creates magic.  Don't ya think?!  

Since he came into my life, I have been looking for some friends for him.  I was going along without a lot of success until my sis got involved in the quest.  Just in the last week, she has found him two new friends.  Woodsy is excited for his two new friends to join him.  I am thinking that the 'special white' will be coming out this weekend to prepare them to flock together.  
This is a cell phone image from my sis.
See the new little friend on the left?

OMG!  He is just adorable or what?!!
Can't wait to get my hands on him.

High profile bloggers, like Miss Mustard Seed, have people who find things for them called "pickers."  I have often thought to myself, "How do they find these people who will look for items?"  Well.....little did I know that I had a picker right here in my life!  How fortunate am I?  Do I have a great sis or what?!!

Thanks Lisa........ You rock!! drive here right now and give me this second little feathered friend.  I have a project to get done with............ Hoot!

-The End-


Lisa said...

Oh usual she's bossing me around! I am not sure I like being called a 'picker'! Have to think about that one!

Sue said...

Well if you watch "American Pickers" you can see that it can be a very lucrative venture. That is if you don't give away everything you pick. ;-)

Ranger 911 said...

There is just something about goofy items with faces that add a little humor to our homes, don't you think? They have PERSONALITY!

And I secretly love to watch expressions as guests look at those things and you can tell they are thinking "OMG, what is THAT thing doing in her house." It makes me smile.

KAT said...

Love Your owls. What a great sis! I have a wooden painted owl pair I did this summer Check it out on my blog I think it was posted last month. Did you see the barred owls on run around ranch's blog? very cool

Twice Nice said...

Too fun! I just bought my own little HOOT at HL the other day. No plans for him, just too cute to pass up.

Patty Sumner said...

I think it is those "quirky" little things like your owl that make a home a home. I hope he enjoys his new friends. Excited to see what you do with them. Keep us informed...Blessings!

Jackie said...

The owls are cute. The second one is adorable. You are lucky to have such a great sis. :)