Saturday, July 23, 2011

On My Soap Box For Art's Sake

 Artist: Lesley Litrento
Arts and cultural activities are so important.  Some people think that the arts are an extra, not an essential part of our lives.  People spend millions a year traveling to key cities where the arts are not only respected, but heavily invested in. We decorate our spaces, dress ourselves and surround ourselves with creativity. Yet what is the the first thing cut in school and government budgets?  You got it....the arts.  Okay, I am not going to get into anything political here, so relax! The point that I am making is we really do need to become more active in our communities in support of the arts.  We need to get out there and involve ourselves, even if it is only for a evening out supporting our local arts community. 

ArtServe, a community arts organization in South Florida, presented their annual event last night, "Red Eye."  The idea of this event is to fuse the visual arts with performance art, music and fashion.  The place was packed and I had a great time.  Here are some of the images from the evening, just to give you a flavor of what I saw. 

Performance Artists

Graffiti Artists

Fashion Art

Poetry Readings


There is nothing like spending a few hours immersed in art and creativity.  The arts community is such a supportive, accepting and exciting place to spend an evening.  If you are a creative person, or just appreciate the arts, make sure you support these organizations by attending an event in your hometown.  Heck! It's the weekend! What are you planning to do tonight?  No plans yet?  Pick up your local newspaper and find out what's happening.  Art matters.  Get out there and mingle in it.

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Deneen said...

Once again I totally agree with you!what a way to get your creative juices flowing!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Great post Lesley. Where would we be without the arts.

KAT said...

wonderful post about arts and how it is so important to be supportive of all the arts and all the artists uniqueness