Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool Terrariums, For Only Cool People

This super fun terrarium project is something that I have been wanting  to do.  I have been collecting lidded jars in the past month from yard sales and charity re-sale stores. I collected up small plants from my local mom and pop plant nursery, as well as, some spider babies that I talked about in my post, Making a Peaceful Place Just for One.  I also purchased some fresh potting soil and a bag of activated charcoal.  Then collected all sorts of stones, broken sea shells, mancala beads and marbles.

Back in the 70s, when I was a little girl, my cool neighbors on the street, the Donaldsons, use to make these terrariums.  Did you have those cool neighbors? know, the ones that were just so much more,..... cool?  Still wondering if they were really all that cool, but hey, they were good at selling the concept. I know it drove my mother crazy that we thought they were better than us.  Oh well, watcha gonna do?   The best part is that I learned to give up on being cool a long time ago.  Not wasting my time trying to be anything more than what I already am!  Me.

I will post a tutorial of how I did this later in the week. I want to pick up some supplies for finishing touches.  For now, I am just going to share you will a few images.......
These will rest here in the shade.  I am planning on giving them away as
gifts this summer but want to wait to make sure they establish themselves.
I use a gravel called "Turface" in the bottom
of this large pot.  Experimenting with

I tossed stones throughout each
landscape.  Some of the stones
are imprinted with words.
This one says: Create.

I like how the stones in the bottom
are peeking out here.
....because, Ya just gotta laugh!
Hope you liked the little sneak peek.  I hope to post a tutorial later in the week.  I will include a complete list of supplies to make these fun little terrariums yourself.  DISCLAIMER!  You cannot make these unless you are a super cool person.  Not cool?  Oh well......then it is just not going to be your thing.  What can I say?!!

-The End-


Lorrie said...

Boy terrariums back I've been seeing them every where . I like your Idea of using canning jars. I have been buying up large clear glass canisters hmmmm.... I see a new project on the horizon

Lisa said...

wondering if I am getting a 'gift'!

Anonymous said...

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