Saturday, May 7, 2011

Groovy Garage Sales and Other Funkalicious Stuff

Jumped in my car and only got one block from my house when I happened on......"Grandma's Garage Sale."  I love these sales......grandma has passed and the grand kids sell off the stuff they don't want.  Don't get me wrong, I am not some cold hearted gal that doesn't express my condolences.... I do.  It's hard losing a loved one.  But, she is gone and the great stuff that people under a certain age don't like is selling it at bargain prices!!! Yippee!  I think to myself, "Oh no, wish I had gotten up earlier.  I am sure that I have missed out on something."  I jump out of the car......
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 You always get the stories about Grandma.  I love to hear them.  This particular grandma loved to entertain and it is obvious from the GIGANTIC amount of linens filling box after box in the laundry room!  I became exhausted just looking through it all.  Best seems Grandma did a lot of entertaining in the 70s!!!  I love this groovy stuff....."Orangalicious!"  The afghan on the right is just one of four that I found and there were tons of handmade table runner made in simple block form in all sorts of fabric combinations.  
One of the homemade
table runners
Another table runner

Looking around in the kitchen, I noticed something that I have never seen before. Grandma changed out her kitchen countertops to granite, but left the origonal, very old cabinets in place.  Very strange combo that I do not recomend. I also found some bake ware.  The cake pans are old and awesome with the little built in sliding knife system that I grew up with.  I am always looking for these.....and I finally found them!  She sold them to me for 25 cents a piece. Even better!  
Yoyo toaster and assorted covers.
Have not idea how I will use them.
Mint condition dollies.
So I leave Grandma's sale at a total cost of 50 dollars!!!! Woot!  But not until I got the whole story from one who needed to share how the others were 'mad at her' for taking what they thought was too much stuff from the house.  I even got her justification.  She just bought a house and needs it more.....mak mak mak.....  I have so been here, done that with family.  It takes three trips to the car.....and I'm off!

A set of 12 napkins
with a matching table cloth.
 I went by a total of 5 other sales, three of which were nothing more than one table with books and nothing.  I wanted to take pictures of this to show you how pitiful it looked, but just didn't have the heart to do something like that to the seller!!  Just take my word for it.....uncomfortable.  I did score a few things at two of the sales.  At one sale I got the things below and started to notice a theme for the day.....the 70s!
Retro Thermos, Orange Juice Pitcher.
I almost didn't stop at the final sale because I was running out of money and it was kinda getting hot.  I forgot to bring something with me cold to drink.  Mistake not to bring something thirst quenching while yard sale shopping.  So glad that I did stop because I got this total "diamond in the rough' chair for 3 dollars.  Obviously, someone must have covered the seat with this 'funkalicious' (not) vinyl.....probably guessed it, the 70s!!!  
I will be, you guessed it again, painting this chair and changing out that green seat cover too!   So, if I wanted to keep in theme today, I would rent an Austin Powers movie, or some 1970s 007 flick.  But, I didn't like any of them to begin with, so I won't!!!  But, if I did have a pair of bell bottom jeans, I would definately wear them......

-The End- 


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You'd be amazed what you pick up at garage sales.