Monday, May 9, 2011

Trip to Pottery Barn Inspires and a Few Project Updates.

Ran through the mall and took a look through Pottery Barn.  Had to show you a little of what my store was doing. I love seasonal changes in these types of stores. Summer is in full swing and there is inspiration in every nook and cranny.  The displays were so inspiring....very beachy, sandy and warm.  I mean look (right) at the clever way they display all sorts of lanterns hanging just beyond this outdoor sofa.  The jumbo size jute is super cool and this distressed monkey bar style display harkens back to my summer as a child.
and.....loved all of their table displays.....
Love how they cluster these shell filled jars together on this try.  The jar alone are to die cute.

This white washed table top greenhouse (above) is about 25 inches long, pretty big for a table.  But it is sitting on a dining table along with other merchandise.  Something about it looks like a beach house to me.  Look how they have tossed items, including a bottle that looks more like sea glass, into the mix with the beach sand and candles.  It makes no sense, but they did stick to a color palette and I believe that is why is works so well.

Even this little table setting below is charming and beachy.  They stuck to a simple color palette, mixed in a little visual texture with the place-mat and netting.  The classic blue and white ocean theme.....just yummy.

A spider plant, assortment of
shells and a sprig from
my bougainvillea.
 The trip made me want to spruce up the coffee table in my main living area.  I knew that I wanted to work in a few shells, but beyond that....was gonna wing it. 

On Saturday, I was shopping in a local consignment store, mainly for night stands for the master bedroom redo when I saw this vintage birdcage.  The original price on it was 90 dollars, but it had been marked down twice to 47 dollars.  I loved it, but just off my morning of groovy yards sales, I was in a cheapo mood.  When I offered them 20 dollars, they came down to 35 dollars.  I walked out thinking, "I will not pay 35 dollars for such a thing."  Well.....I couldn't stop thinking about that darn bird cage and yesterday returned and gave them the 35 dollars.  Yep, I know. Wimp.  But look at it on my coffee table.  I love it!

Put a raffia bow on this milk glass vase.
Lends a little beachy feel.
  I also purchased a few new plants and clustered them in this vintage, green enameled container.  There are sitting in the living room as well. It was easier to get a clear image of them outdoors. When I put these types of containers together, I leave the plants in their original pots and place each of them in a small individual bowl.  Make keeping up with watering easier.

A lot of little things were accomplished over the weekend on several on my on-going projects.  My hubby and my son hung that neato light fixture that I bought at a yard sale not too long ago.  I told you the story about it 50 dollar purchase in my blog post, Dodging Raindrops and Finding Bargains.  It was fun watching them hang it....

Typical teenager....won't use
his hands, but is using his head!

I purchased two new side tables for my Master Bedroom  Redo project from Pier One.  I was going to just paint and fix up the ones I had, but as the project has progress (and I will start to show you some images this week) I felt like I needed to add a little something new.
Hayworth Nightstand

This little mirrored nightstand will add little something clean and new.  I have already placed them, but the room is far from complete....I mean, the bed is still on the ground!  I will have to show you this at the reveal.  Oh!, I almost forgot......I got this in the mail towards the end of the week......
This is my first shipment of chalk paint by Annie Sloan.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to get my four poster bed done this week........

-The End-


Gypsy Heart said...

Lots of goodies and great ideas! Every time I go in Pier 1 I covet these tables...and the other pieces that coordinate. Your bedroom is going to look fabulous!


Lisa Montsion said...

I can't wait to see how it looks with chalk paint.