Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dodging Raindrops and Finding Bargains

What does a junker like myself do on a rainy Saturday morning?  Does she sit at home and drink coffee thinking to herself, "Hey, those yard sales are all pretty much rained out."  No!  Not only did I go out, I went out early this time.  (I know, I have told you to wait and let those sellers get good and beat down by others. But, hey.  A girl can change her mind!)   As I crack the door to leave, my hubby says, "Leaving so soon?"  I laugh as the door shuts.  No need for a response. 

I got some super duper deals. First stop. I get this primitive looking musical instrument. The truth is, someone else had already picked it up and was asking 'How much."  The seller told him 2 dollars and I about passed out!  I know the picture doesn't do it justice, but this is a real find.  In my mind, I have already re-purposed this one and I cannot believe that someone else was going to get it. 
Well, he put it back! Yep!  He did.  I snagged it up with heart pumping and got it for one dollar.  (I know that sounds lame, But, hey, that is how I get my kicks!) I already have an idea for this little fun object.  Will reveal later.

So onto the next stop.....
Okay, so there is a story here.  I see this ceiling fixture after perusing a yard sale that was being run by people who have over priced everything in sight.  They wanted 700 dollars for a used, semi-beat up bedroom set!  I mean, come on people. It's a yard sale!  I knew that I was not going to get a deal but I asked anyway.

The seller says that she wants no less than $100 for the lamp.  (This lamp is huge by the way.  About 30 inches across and has a very heavy piece of cloudy glass on the base. Mint condition.)  I 'act' shocked and walk away.  I come back and ask her if she can do better and all I get is a long story about how she paid 800 dollars for it.....on and on. --Oh well, we got an emotional one here. Too much attachment to this light fixture.--  I eye the hubby who doesn't look amused that she isn't coming down on her price.  He is also eying the rain clouds that are moving in rapidly.  So, I travel to the next yard sale.

The problem is.....I couldn't shake the lamp.  With each passing block, I start regretting walking away.  But, I know this gal isn't selling it to me.  We just didn't have a great 'connection.' (This matters in yard sale negotiations.)  So, I get on my cell phone and call in "reinforcements"......Yep, you got it.  The husband.  You see, he is a master of negotiations and I need his expertise.  I tell him my observations, as I have stated here, and send him in.  By the time he gets himself a cup of coffee, puts on shoes and drives to the house, the thunderclouds have moved in. The couple is frantically grabbing and running with their sale items into the semi empty garage.   Luckily, the lamp didn't get wet! 

Hubby walks up and chats casually about the weather and asks about the lamp.  She tells him that she paid $500 for it...........Wait a minute here.....Didn't she tell me $800?!!?  Yes, I believe she did.  Then she tells him she will sell it to him for 75 dollars!! Can you believe that?!!  She tells me 100 dollars and just a short while later is down to 75 dollars.  He offers 50 dollars and she says no.  My hubby looks at her water logged husband who is visibly annoyed that she won't sell it.  He addresses the husband and says, "Can ya help a guy out here?  I mean this lamp isn't even worth 40 dollars and I offered 50!"  He adds something about it being a yard sale on a rainy day and they cave!!!  Get out of here!!!  Can I get a "Woot!?"  Yippee!!  A super de-duper deal!!   I initially thought that I would re-sell this lamp, but I just might have to find a place for it. 

While my hubby is negotiating this transaction, I was at another yard sale.  I found a lot of really great stuff for super prices.  Here are some of my finds...

Totally coolio lamp.
and this.....
Grinder was $2.
and this..

Caned Chair was $10.
I am going to completely re-furbish and re-cover.
and this......
This Nichols and Stone Chair is a real steal at $10.
I have seen these sell for $200. All this one
needs is a little cleaning. Mint Condition.
So.....I got way too much stuff to do today to continue writing about my yard sale morning.  I have a Easter Basket giving project for the family to work on. The tile guys are finishing up in the master bath. We are starting the installation of the bead board in the master bedroom and I want to put sometime into this doll baby of a project I am working on......
Hoping to finish this piece in time to post it on a couple of my favorite linky parties this week!!  Have a great Saturday everyone!!!



Lisa said...

ooooo love the lamp---fix it up for my kitchen and I'll pay ya!

Kim said...

Wowzers you did good! Our forecast called for rain too and I almost didn't go out. Thank goodness I did! I got some really great stuff.
Have a super weekend.

nancy spielman said...

I like what you acquired...inspired!

French Hen Farm said...

wow!! great finds! Yard sales haven't even begun up here in our neck of the woods! great score!!

Jen T said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You made out like a bandit - I never ever find that many cool things! Where do you live? I'm going to pick your yard sales clean! JenT

Lisa Montsion said...

I can't believe you got that beautiful chair for only ten dollars.