Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Saturday.....Are you Spittin'? or Are you Chillin'?

This is Spit the frog.  I named him this because, you guessed it, he spits.  He just lays around and spits spits spits.  So you probably thinking, "If all he does is spit, why do I let him stay around?"  Well.....he helps me out, that is, when he spits.  He also greets friends when they come over to visit!  What a nice dude, eh?  Funny thing is, Spit can be chillin' and spittin' all at the same time.  Now that takes talent.  So, here is his home.... 

Can you see him over there???  Look closely at the left bottom tier of this fountain/statuary piece.  There!  There he is..... Ah ha!  There's Spit.  

I was given this three-tiered fountain four houses ago. (We have bought and sold 7 homes...I know, crazy)  It was a house warming gift from someone I never see anymore.  Nice gift, but unfortunately one of my family members decided to trade in the gift giver, so all I have to show for him is this terrific three-tiered fountain. The fountain was just a fountain for several years until it came to rest here seven years ago.  This setting is right by my front door and the fountain was all 'splashy.'  Not a good thing at a front door.  It is also a pretty sunny location, so I was filling up the fountain constantly.  Who has the time? Right?

I came up with an idea.  I would turn the top two tiers into planters and the bottom bowl into a water-garden.  I could have just planted out all three tiers, but I love the sound water creates.  Ah....soothing and welcoming.  I had a pond at a previous house and really enjoyed it, but just don't currently have the room now to dig one.  I had read a ton of magazine articles about creating small water-gardens out of whiskey barrels and the like.  I thought, "What the heck.  I'll give it a whirl." 

It has been trial and error, like gardening can be.  I change the top two tiers out seasonally. I have also added to the water-garden over the last two years.  Some plants have done well.  Other plants have gone by the wayside.  I currently do not have any live little friends swimming around.  I have had small goldfish in the past.  Perhaps I will add a few little guys again.  Who knows.

It's fun to tuck little whatnot here and there.  This (above) is a little glass frog.  He has croaked at Spit until he was 'blue in the face' (chuckle) about all the spitting. Spit won't listen.

I made this little lady out of clay a few years back.  I used her in a test firing of my kiln.  She loves lounging around in the water-garden too.  She knows how to chill.  Can you tell?! 

So it's Saturday.  Are you spittin' or are you chillin'?  I will be chillin' today.  After all the work I did on that secretary desk, I need the down time.  I did hit up a few yard sales today.  I saw a super neat Lane chest. The guy wanted too much for it.  (Darn, I hate it when they know what they have.)  I might stop back tomorrow and see if it was sold.  Ya never now.  So.....go get chillin'.  It's YOUR weekend. Do something for YOU.  Maybe even start your own water-garden.  While you are at it, will you stop all that spittin'?  Geez!  It's ridiculous already......

-The End-
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Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

Love your idea for the fountain. So pretty. I have an area I wanted a fountain in but now where for the plug. Maybe I will try your idea with the plants It looks adorable!

Steph @ BirdhouseFamily said...

Love this! Great idea - thanks for sharing.

Madigan at madiganmade said...

This is beautiful! What a great idea for a planter and I love the different shades of green.