Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Candlestick Experiment

So I picked up these two candlesticks at a yard sale last weekend for 50 cents.  I picked them up because they had a unique look to them.  Kind of a faux silver meet Morocco jazzy thing.  When I realized they were so cheap, I thought, "What the heck.  I will experiment with them.  They stand about 15 inches high.

The candlesticks are on the left. See them!?

Slight copper hue.
While I was cleaning them up, I noticed that when I rubbed the metal material it seemed to look cooper.  It made me think...."Copper antiques in verdigris color."  I took Delta craft paint color Tropic Bay Blue and painted over the entire surface.I let the paint set up for a few minutes.

I then rubbed the surface of both candlesticks with a soft cloth. 

After about 20 minutes, I buffed the surface a little harder to shine them up.  I liked how the paint was adhering to the wood in the cut out areas.
I stopped and took a look at them and realized that I wanted to use them as candlesticks, but not the kind that takes taper candles.  I just don't buy tapers because after one burn, they look horrible.  So I knew that I needed to come up with some sort of top piece that would hold a larger candle. 

Later that afternoon, I stopped into the Goodwill Store by my house to investigate and I found these nifty little tea cup plates for 50 cents each.  They were the 4 inches that I knew I wanted, so I grabbed them, paid and left.  After all I was late picking up my kid at high school.  Try to explain that one.  "Oh, sorry, was at Goodwill shopping." 

I attached the plates to the tops of the candlesticks with Gorilla Glue. 

I had these candles from a clearance shelf at Pier One.  I then grabbed my spare bead bucket and strung a few beads on a quilter's thread.  (The large oval silver bead is actually from a damaged lamp shade that I had to throw away, but saved the beading around the bottom edge. I love it when I 'recycle.')

I had originally thought that I would hang them from the neck of the candlestick, but they ended in the cups circling the candles.  If I get a chance, I might put them with a little jute tie and add them to the neck.
Today, I was re-working some tables in my living area.  I am in a funk because the new slipcovers have been taking forever and the construction from the master bath redo has been dusty.  Just needed a quick 'freshen up for the time being' kinda of thing.  So I was looking for something to put on this one table and thought, "What about one of those candlesticks!?" I used one of them.  Fun.
So, I realize that my images are not the best.  I apologize. But this was just a little experiment that I actually never thought would make my blog. The finish is much shinier than what appears.  I like them.  Hope you do too.

I have my finish carpenter coming over today to start the bead-board installation in the master bedroom and an appointment with a designer who will draw up plans for a built in for the television.  The television is currently resting in a recessed area in the wall atop cinder blocks!  My cabinet guy will not do work without this gal drawing up a plan.  She's not too expensive and he is way worth it.  But that is for another blog post!

Getting excited for a long weekend!

-The End-

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Lisa Montsion said...

I love the colors on the candlesticks.