Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking Time to Smell the Gardenias


Ahhh......The gardenias are in bloom in my backyard and Tux and Seedo are building yet another nest in the aviary.  People who live in the northern states brag about their seasons.  Yes, they get their Autumn leaves.  But they also get that bitter cold and snow that never reaches the southern part of Florida.   We plant our tomatoes around October and start to enjoy the fresh red fruit just after the holidays.  As they plant their starter tomato seedlings in the ground, we are harvesting our last crop.  They enjoy the most amazing flowers during their spring and summer months, as our flowering plants are struggling to survive under the oppressive heat of an August day.  There are pros and cons to every region.  But, I just think that my little hamlet in the world is the best.  My orchids, gardenias and hibiscus fill my days with beauty.  

My friend, Froggy.

So, this is spring.....80 degree days that warm the waters of the nearby inlet and beckon summer's arrival. School kids start to wear shorts, instead of their skinny jeans, as they anticipate the end of school days. I overhear conversations throughout my day of summer break plans with family. I wonder if  my friend, Froggy, will return to my water garden again this year.  I love to hear his croaking sounds on a wet summer evening.  (Hubby hates it, oh well.) I realize that in the next month, I will be collecting the supplies I need for my "Hurricane Preparedness Box." Yikes!.....Now that is one aspect of living at the very southeastern tip of Florida that isn't quite that nice.  Still.... I love it here.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. ..... Okay, I could possibly be persuaded to live in Southern California, but hey, this is pretty awesome too. ..... 

As you know, I have a ton of projects going on that I need to tackle today.  The Hurricane supplies will have to wait.   I would like to finish the master bedroom bookcase and the stairway landing table today.  I will place a little bowl of cut gardenias near my paint booth, so I can enjoy my Florida springtime day..... Enjoy the day, not matter what the season. Oh! and remember...........

-The End-