Monday, April 18, 2011

Master Bathroom Update

 The floor was finished over the weekend! Yeah!  It looks amazing and I just took my first shower in there since last Thursday.  Don't worry, I have taken showers.  I used my daughter's bathroom, which was delightful.  Ya know.....she has a lot of fun girlie things in her shower.  Was nice to dial it back and use teenage 'pretty stuff.' 

Granite Floor Tile
 This project has been a challenge.  We decided to keep big ticket items like the spa tub, white toilet and bidet, shower walls, faucets and cabinetry interiors in the current locations.  Choosing the flooring alone has taken a serious amount of time.  I wanted a natural material that would work with the existing black granite on the shower walls and the side of the spa bath.  We chose this tile. (right) The black specks in the tile go nicely with the existing granite, yet provide an overall lighter tone for the room. 

Here is the "before" and "after" images of the floor. 


This project is what I call "fluid."  I am rolling with the punches.  For the first time ever, we are deciding as we go, as oppose to putting together a design plan including complete tile pairings and finishes.  This makes for a lengthier project, but we don't want to make a huge mistake either.  Before they even had a chance to grout the floor, I had changed my mind regarding the new counter tops and wall treatment materials.  If I had already purchased these items, I would be stuck.  The floor is visually commanding.  The counter tops and walls need to tie this together without competing.  I have also decided not to install wainscoting, but will invest in about 200 square feet of white subway tile.  Nice clean look that is durable/washable and lends itself to my style.  We will install it four feet up the wall with a bull nose cap along the top.  There will be white bead board in the master bedroom installed at the same height.  The goal is to create a visual consistency between the rooms. 

I have decided that I want to use quartz for the counter tops.  Quartz is a super durable counter top surface and is 80 percent natural stones.  Many of the patterns are more subtle than granite or marble. This will also allow me to find a pattern that doesn't compete with the floor.  I haven't landed on the right color.  I am thinking something like these two photos.  I am going to scour the back lots of a few installers in the next few days and see if I can find a leftover piece large enough for my job.  Save some dough. 

I like the presentation (edge) of this counter top on the bottom left.  Quartz is often used in contemporary settings, but this presentation helps it work in a more traditional room.
 We have also decided to pull out the long, tall cabinet that sits between our sinks.  (see the image on the right) This will open the space and allow us to chose something more decorative for the sinks. The tall cabinet has doors that swing out in the direction of the two sinks which precluded us having anything but under mount sinks. The mirrored back-splash and wall space in the alcove, will be replaced with subway tile.  I am in the hunt for some nifty mirrors!  Now that I can chose basically any set of sinks, within a budget of course, I have begun the search for two new sinks.  I will be looking for something like this sink below.  Been eyeballing something like it at a local sink outlet. Probably going to run over there today, or tomorrow or the next day!  Yikes!  I have so much to accomplish.....and that darn laundry is staring at me too! 
So.....I gotta get crackin'. Big week ahead.  See ya!

-The End-


Debbie @ OtRD said...

That floor is gorgeous! Great before and after pics!

Lisa said...

love the floor

Sue said...

Looks great