Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainy Daze and Torn Up Floors wasn't a scene out of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, but it was wet enough to preclude me from sanding down a few pieces of furniture from my Master Bedroom Redo Project.  Not all was lost though because the guys were here tearing out the floor of my Master Bathroom! Yeah! 
What a mess!!!  They had to use a jack hammer to get up the original black granite floor, that I not-so-fondly referred to in my blog post, I Refuse To Live in a Man Cave.  But they were so super clean and went the extra mile to lay down paper in the walkways in order to protect my floors.  Super nice.  

The paper they laid down on my stairway.
I did get a chance today to take some 'before' images of my Master Bedroom.  I will give you a sneak peek at the room.  Just looking through the lens at that room makes me starved to get started!  As you can see, the furniture is all dark and the walls are a combo of green and red.  We are going to completely neutralize this room.  I have decided to go with an all white theme and that includes this furniture.  I have my work cut our for me.

So with the rain drops, jack hammers and my little doggies freaking out over all of it, I  lost myself in the blogosphere.  Nice thing is.....I found some pretty cool ideas. 

One thing I found from The Blessed Nest were these old botanical prints.  They were scanned and offered for free to whomever. Free?!! Yep.  You know I like free. I found one in particular that I loved. 

I am thinking of using this in my master bedroom on a piece of furniture.  But who knows....I could change my mind on that one.  Even so, I have it tucked away for some upcoming project. Stay tuned.

I found out about The Blessed Nest because a blog that I follow named The Shabby Chic Cottage. They were having a drawing today for a free handmade bag from Kellie's Etsy shop Bag Full Of Posies.  I think it is pretty cool.  Can't wait to have her design one just for me!  I especially like the little birdie in this one below.  Maybe a combo of both with The Homeless Finch on the front.  Fingers crossed that I win!

made to order Nesting Bag with bird & homemade chevron fabricMarket Bag 022

Cassie of Primitive & Proper showed off a new necklace that another blogger named Andi had made for her.  I think it is super cool. Andi has just opened up a new Etsy shop called Natalily Designs.  Check it out.

A blog that I avidly follow is Miss Mustard Seed.  Marion of Miss Mustard Seed was the one who provided me with the inspiration to start this blog.  Everything she posts I love.  She has been talking for the past week or so about a giveaway of one of these goodies:

I got my fingers crossed on this one too!!  It merges my love of gardening with my obsession with primitive tools.  Love it.  Miss Mustard Seed has the kind of blog business that I hope to build.  She always has great projects going and sells her furniture at a super cool market near her home called Lucketts.  She has written for a few magazines and just finished putting together a series for HGTV.  Not bad eh!?

Anyway.....the rain drops subsided, and today they will be putting down the new granite floors.  Oh.....progress.  It doesn't come without a little pain.

-The End-


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Lesley, Aw, thanks so much! Your kind words made me blush. :) I wish I had 00 of those caddies to give away. You would certainly get one of them.

MELANIE said...

Can't wait to see the reveal on the master bedroom! Im also a huge fan of Miss Mustard Seed, she is an inspiration. I refinish furniture but I aspire to have a pavilion at Luckett's too. It's on my bucket list...when I saw it last it was just one building! You have a very nice blog and hope you will come visit me too!

Lucky 7 Design

CeCe said...

Thanks so very much for your kind comment... Truly... you have not a clue what it did for my heart..This blogland is like the purest of Maple Syrup on top of the yummiest cinnamin bread French Toast EvEr, when I have a comment such as yours. Thank You, sincerely. I have not shared much, as my blog is not really "blog" worthy but I just decided who cares..... I so enjoy Miss Mustard Seed, like you. I look forward to you sharing the makeover of your bedroom! CeCe

grammy and papi said...

Just found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed. I love her too. I am a new "follower".

Have a God Filled Day

Lisa Montsion said...

I love that photo of the butterfly's. Really beautiful.