Sunday, April 3, 2011

There's a Mouse in my House!

There's a mouse in my house.....and it's making me scream! delight. 

Are you an animal person?  I am not talking the kind of person who frequents zoos or gives money to causes like saving the African butter bee....if there really is such a thing?? - Probably not. -  Anyway, I am talking about the animals that live in your house.  Do you have so many creatures living underfoot that your neighbors have contemplated calling local law enforcement?  Well.....over the last decade I have had, 3 dogs, a cat, two gerbils, two hamsters, a bass, one canary, 8 finches and numerous tank-fulls of salt water and fresh water fish....oh, did I mention two water gardens with goldfish darting around? Can I stop right now and calculate the pet food bill??  No time now for that.  Luckily, many of these 'friends' have not been in my house all at once!  Although, I recall a two year period of time when I think they might have.....  

I have also twice had the 'unwanted' kind of creatures in my home....eek!  Ya know, the one that makes you call the exterminator?  Rats are a way of life if you live near water like I do.....  Oh, the drama!  The traps......the tears.....the rants, "I'm moving out of this house if we don't get these mice outta here!"   So why, of why would I WANT a mouse in my house??? Why on earth would I subject myself to this??  (We are back to that mouse in my house thing again.......)

But, I love my mouse!  It makes me smile.  It doesn't live in a cage, but I frequently put it back in it's box.  Have you guessed that I am not talking about a living creature yet?  No?  Well, then, your slow.  Real slow. aren't the crazy DIY person I thought you might be.  Here is my mouse!

This handy little Black and Decker Mouse is an amazing animal.  If you don't have one of just must get one!  It cuts the sanding time down by gazillions of hours. and mousy have been spending time together this weekend working on my latest project.  Remember, the secretary's desk?

If you missed the post about this project and you want the back story.....go back to April 1.  So....anyway.....  I have been busy, in between catering to my family's needs, sanding, patching and getting set to prime and paint this monster.  So excited!  I have removed the knobs because I am keeping them 'as is.' I don't want to reveal what color I am going to use, but I will let you know that my goal is to have this completed by Thursday and I am going to merge my 'art' life with it!  Yep.  I am going to include something decorative that has inspirations from a previous painting of mine.  Stay tuned. 

So this Mouse of mine has been raging havoc on a cat!  Yep, you read that correct.....We gotta regular "Tom and Gerry" episode running at my house..... Well....not really, but I have finally removed all the scratches on this desk that my wonderful, long lost Silver Point Siamese cat, Sushi, left behind as a reminder of days with purrs and hairballs.  Did I tell you that I love my Mouse?!!

The drawers are ready for priming......

So..... I'm off!! Gotta get going to make my deadline.......  Can't wait to show you the results.  Hey....and remember to love your pets today.  Give them an extra scrub or kiss.  Let them know you love them.  It's Sunday!  Heck......take them on a walk, or the dog park, or the shopping mall..........

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tofubeast said...

Giving Star an extra hug. Can't wait to see what you do with the desk!! Enjoying your blog. :)