Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Idea Book: Simple Way to Collect Inspiration


This is an 'organized' corner.
Imagine it before!
Okay, so I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out my studio.  It was an epic mess....things stuck everywhere possible!  At 10 pm last night, I stopped and still have a little more to do today.

I am going to share with you more about this Idea Book that I alluded to yesterday.  I use these Idea Books to collect images, fabric swatches and write notes about current projects and dream projects.  If I see something in a magazine that I love, I clip it out and include it in my Idea Book.  It cuts down on the clutter that saving every magazine I buy creates and gives me an place of constant inspiration.  I did a mini-renovation on my kitchen when we first moved in.  I found the best ideas for that kitchen in my Idea Book. I had clipped and pasted the pictures two years prior and was excited to find them right on the pages of my book! Yeah!  Trends change, but timeless design is...well, timeless.

So, I don't want to spend a ton of money on a sketchbook.  They sell super nice ones at all the book retailers.  They come with fancy covers in a variety of prints. They also come with a hefty price!  So, I skip those books and head to my local art supply store. They also have a better selection of size and quality. But, the drawback is they are not as pretty as the ones you can find in specialty stores. But, if you put about 10 minutes into this project, they are even prettier and more in your specific style too!  TIP:  I have learned to shop these stores when the local college is starting a semester.  They offer more sales on these types of items.   I bought my new sketchbook on sale for just 7 bucks. 
The Project:  I get out my collection of leftover papers from projects that I have done in the past.  I have also been known to buy a sheet of paper that I like anticipating that I might use it in this manner.  I get out my other supplies.
A Plain Sketchbook
Decorative Papers
Cutting Tool
Glue (I prefer Rubber Cement)

I use a Fiskars Paper cutter, but you can use a metal ruler and Exacto knife. Scissors and a regular ruler will yield the same results.  It just won't be as swiftly.  I also like the crisp edge that my cutter affords me.  I also prefer using Rubber Cement.  I like the way it adheres paper to paper. Besides, there is just something I like about using Rubber Cement.  Reminds me of my childhood!

So the first thing I do is place the paper down on the sketchbook and make some preliminary decisions about what look I want.  Then I trim the paper that will cover most of the sketchbook.  I always leave the edge by the spiral a little short.  I have learned in the past that if you butt the edge right up to the spiral, it wears and peels.

I then spread an even ALL OVER coating of Rubber Cement on the back of the paper and put it into place.  I make sure that I smooth over all the edges firmly.  I want a good adhesion at those spots that will take a beating.

The paper is too small to cover the entire book cover on the top and bottom, so I picked another paper and trimmed it down into 2 inch strips the length from side to side.  You want this strip to overlap the edges of the paper that you have already glued down and make it to the clean edge on the bottom, side and top of your book. 

So, at this point, I decided that the two patterns were just looking a little crazy sitting side by side.  So I chose another paper in a solid to place over the area where the two patterns merge.  I do this to calm down the 'play' between the opposing patterns.  I took a cue from the one paper and chose a solid red paper.  I cut a one inch strip the same length as the wide of the book and glued it onto the book over where to the two papers overlapped themselves.  (I have used a ribbon before in this spot just make sure that you cut it a little long and fold it over the outside edge to glue on the inside.  If not, the edge might fray. You might also want to reinforce the ribbon end with a little hot glue.)  I made sure that I used plenty of Rubber Cement on all the papers and I smoothed out the surfaces firmly as I went. 

So here it is!

I love my new Idea Book!  I can hardly wait to start filling the pages with all sorts of new images, clippings and whatnot.  Oh course, there are countless ways of going about decorating these books.  I have used embellishments, like buttons, in the past.  But I prefer to keep it a little more simple now.  (I don't have to worry about buttons falling off!)  One more thing.....

After dropping off my daughter at school yesterday morning, I found this little 'gem' on a neighbor's curb for trash pick up!  Nothing beats free!  I popped it in my car and brought it home.  I had actually thought of taking a picture of it on this trash pile, but the owner of the house was in his side yard and I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself!  So here it is after being unloaded from my car.

It is really beat up and ugly.  But look at that drawer pull!!  That was worth the stop alone!  I have some preliminary plans for this.....stay tuned.

-The End-

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Sue said...

I swear I used to have that furniture! I went along with my lovely 4 poster king size waterbed.

Amanda said...

Love the idea of an idea book, definitely something I need to sort out, I just have random pieces of paper all over the house!

Great find by the kerb!

Dana said...

My dresser has NINE of those drawer pulls! I want to paint it and change out the pulls this summer. If I actually get around to doing it, you may HAVE all the pulls! Just say the word!



Lisa Montsion said...

I have to clean my own office too. That's for reminding me.