Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daughter, Distractions and a Multitude of Fabrics

New cushion on top.
Old cushion on the bottom.
Do you ever have one of those days filled with distractions?  Well, I am having one of those today.  You see, today is "Take Your Kid To Work" day.  My daughter is tagging along in my day to learn about "my work."   My finish carpenter has also brought his 7 year old child to work today.....which is at my house!   I have a ton of things to accomplish and this situation is slowing down the process.  So, I can either chose to allow it to annoy me or make the best of it.  I chose the latter.  I think this might be a good opportunity to show her what happens when she is at school working toward her future and establishing her goals. 

First stop, my friend and upholsterer Chris.  He has been working on a very complicated slipcover for my living room redo.  I realize that I haven't really talked about this project on the blogs.  The main reason is because this project is as old as the earth!  I started this past Fall, and it has been a long road of picking out 9 different coordinating, washable upholstery fabrics.  Don't get me wrong, I love this's just has taken a long time to get to this point.  Chris has had this sofa for a few weeks and it is time to help him design the four large and two smaller throw pillows.  So off we go.....
We arrive at his workroom and he has the backside of the slipcover on the cutting table. (above) The basic slipcover has 5 different pieced fabrics in the pattern.  This is the basic cover "before."  I have had this sofa for 9 years.  It's good quality stuff, just needs a new slipcover.
We meet for about 15 minutes and determine that in order to figure the 6 pillows out correctly, I will need to return next week.   He hasn't yet finished the basic cover and can't determine the scraps we need to complete the framing on the four large pillows. Bummer, it is kinda a wasted trip, but a good experience for my daughter to see how someone can run a business out of a storage facility.  Notice in the upper left corner of the picture below.....that is my daughter "working" with me...... Um, what's that in her hands??!!  
Trying to figure the pillow covers.
I love the addition of this cheetah print.
It will be on the arms of the basic slipcover
and the backs of the two smaller throw pillows.
I will give you a little sneak peek at that console table that I am working on for the stairway landing.  Remember, earlier in the week, I talked about this piece in the blog,  Color, Inspiration and School Buses.
I know, I know......LOUD!  But, wait.  Remember the Secretary's Desk?  The blue paint was super loud on that piece as well.  The staining and aging process will tone down the brightness of the desk.  I hope to have the reveal, which will include some hand painting within the next two days.  I have some images of pineapples that I have collected.  I am thinking I might use them for inspiration. 

I also plan on getting my daughter involved in this today.  I kinda like seeing my finish carpentar's kid getting into 'helping' his dad.  This stuff is invaluable experience for our kids, so I am going with it. 

Cute....I know.
-The End-

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