Monday, April 25, 2011

Popping Bubbles and Project Updates

My daughter got some bubbles in her Easter Basket yesterday.  Both of my kids are teenagers, but I decided to go 'retro' and include some things that I remember them enjoying as little children.  Along with the bubbles, my daughter also got Mad Libs.  My son, got a small bag of Legos and one of those plastic guns with suction cup 'bullets.'  They both got a Slinky.  Now before you start feeling bad for these two.....they got a chocolate bunny, their favorite gum and a $15 App Card for their IPods too. 
Funny thing is.....I sat and watched them.  My son immediately opened the gun and started shooting it around the house and my daughter started playing with the bubbles.  He then frantically opened the little Lego set and put together the little Lego man and car and then zoomed it across the table.  The chocolate bunnies and gift cards sat around all morning without being touch.  So much pressure is on teenagers today. They really enjoyed the just be a kid. 

Out in our backyard, I watched the bubbles spill out from her butterfly-shaped bubble wand.  I stared at them floating down, some being tossed back up by the breeze.  She would run back and try to 'catch' as many as she could.  Her face was all lit up and her eyes filled with such joy.  Some bubbles hung in the air making the task easy.  While others fell more rapidly to the ground forcing her to run harder to catch them.  A few bubbles touched the ground without her catching them and quietly popped on impact.  

I thought to myself  how much my life has become like this in the last month since I started this endeavor.  I have so many 'bubbles' in the air, some float and some fall.  I catch some of them, but some fall only to pop quietly on impact.  I feel like her, running after them with such joy and purpose in the moment.  I am okay with the ones that I can't catch because there are so many that I can easy snag and some that make me work happily to grasp.  I laugh with her as she runs.  I 'get' this.  Catch it girl, catch it.

So here are the bubbles that I am running after at this moment and the update of progress. 

Master Bathroom Project
Granite Floors are installed and I have been running after bubbles on all the other details.  I haven't found the stained glass art yet for the windows.  I have been unable to determine the best course of action for the counter tops and cabinets as well......
Granite Done.

I have really spun my wheels on what to do with the cabinets.  Last week, I called in a designer friend to help with the project.  Sometimes bringing in a professional is the way to go.  I just don't like the contemporary feel of these cabinets and she recommended replacing them.  She also recommended not installing subway tile in the bathroom because there is so much 'going on' in the room.  Plus, we could use the funds allocated for the tile and installation toward designing cabinetry that suited our needs better.  I like the idea and am awaiting her designs.
Master Bedroom
I have completed one piece of furniture that I showed you on a blog post last week, Cherished Chest of Drawers Gets A Makeover.  Last Thursday, It took me a total of 8 hours to clean out the bedroom.  The dust was absolutely horrible from the tear out of the bathroom floor.
OMG. The dust this created!
I set up an upper patio "paint studio" and a bookcase and the two end tables are waiting to get a work over. 

A messy necessary evil.  Easier just to paint here
and take back into the bedroom.
My finish carpenter is here today for the bead board installation.  I am also having him trim out the two sliding doors for a more finished look. 
I am currently calling this room my Bohemian Bedroom because our mattress and box springs are resting on the floor. 
My designer friend is also drawing up plans for a built in for the television and AV equipment.  There are a lot more 'bubbles' to show you.  As the progress continues, I will share them.  Like, this painting that I am starting for over the bed.  
The Homeless Finch Retail Business
Now THIS endeavor is the Big Bubble!  I have started gearing up and researching the possibilities for starting a retail business.  I don't know if it is a booth in a vintage/collectible mall, or a small studio with retail space, or an Internet retail shop, or a combination of these things.  One thing I do know is that I will need inventory!  So I have started purchasing items and storing them in every nook and cranny.  I have set up an outdoor painting studio area, just outside my studio and the stuff is starting to pile up! 

This is all kinda a crazy mess of bubbles falling from the sky.  So glad my family and hubby don't care that it's all in an uproar!   I have no idea where this all is taking me, but I am in a moment of catching bubbles with my face is all lit up and my eyes filled with joy.....and that is all that really matters to me right now.......

-The End-


tofubeast said...

Love the bubbles analogy. The upstairs is really starting to come along. Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

Lisa Montsion said...

The upstairs is really nice. Probably going to be beautiful when it's all done.