Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today is For Sasha

I had a blog post all ready to go for today.  Then, something happened.....  My little doggie, Sasha, was injured in the eye last night.  My son accidentally swatted her in the face with a hoodie he was swinging around.  It's been a tough 15 hours, but she is going to be okay.  My vet said that she has the doggie equivalent of a 'shiner.'  Poor baby.  Sasha is a Shit Tzu.  They are notorious for eye problems and I was so worried that she had a scratch on her eye.    

Cousin, Cricket

We have all seen those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan singing "Eyes of the Angels" with the Shit Tzu having lost an eye.   My heart was broken thinking that something like that could have happened to one of my little babies, especially Sasha.....she is my rescue dog.  She has a lot of problems because she was abused before she came into our lives.  She walks with a limp and scares easily, lashing out at someone she thinks will hurt her.  My sister thinks she is a bad dog because she doesn't always greet my sister's dog, Cricket, with affection.  But she really is just a very special little soul who needs special care and love.  She loves her cousin too, just is a little quirky about unannounced visits.

Just a few weeks ago, I took this picture (below) while setting up to start my Cherished Chest Makeover.  Sasha loves to sit outside and is always in my space when I work outdoors.

I have three dogs, all the same breed, Coco, Ruby and Sasha.  They are my best friends in the world.  They are never more than a few feet away.  They lay and watch me paint.....they are watching me write this blog right now.  Dog are great.  They never judge, only love.  They never take, just give.  

Coco....the "nurturer."

My Coco is the oldest and wisest....the leader of the pack.  She is my nurturer.  Coco can sense if one of us is sick or upset and will attempt to comfort with kisses or cuddles.  If I have a headache, she will curl up next to the top of my head.  Whenever someone cries, she licks their tears away.

Ruby, chillin' on the hammock.

Ruby is the crazy, not-so-smart one.  She is about 5 years old and still acts like a puppy.  She is also my 'barker.' I think that is her role in the pack.....warning signal.  We have done everything, short of those shock collars to stop her and have gotten to the point of just dealing with it.  She looks all chilled out in the hammock image above, but the image below is more typical of "The Rubinator."
Ruby acting like a puppy.
My dogs mean the world to me. If you are a pet owner, you understand this implicitly.  Where would we be without our furry little friends?  So tragic that their lives are so short compared to us.....they really deserve so much more time here.  After all, they contribute so much love to the world......something that I think we can agree is needed.  So remember to give your little furry friend an extra kiss today and tell her or him that one of their friends, Sasha, is going to be just fine.  Thanks for reading about this.  If you have gotten to this part of the post, I really appreciate you allowing me to 'go off subject,' and not talk just about The Homeless Finch.  I am just too tired today to paint or fix up anything.  Gonna go snuggle with my little friends.......
Sasha, smiling......

-The End-


Jacque said...

I think Sasha is blessed to have been rescued by you and your family. Tell your sister to have patience and be kind to Sasha. I wonder how she would react if she had been abused as a child. Sasha just doesn't trust easy. Thank you for loving her and taking care of her.
Jacque (another animal lover and dog rescuer.)

Vicky said...

I think dogs have different senses than we dog, Alfie, is a little shit, and we are the only ones that "love him" unconditionally. He isn't friendly to anyone else, and we truly believe he was born in a puppy mill (we got him from one of those puppy stores that display their puppies ina baby crib!) and was abused by a dark skinned male that wore a baseball cap and rayban sunglasses. Alfie really doesn't like men, and if they have darker skin he goes nuts, and if they a wearing a hat then just forget about it! He will never recover. But, he is ours, and we love him, quirks and all. So love your sweet dog, because he loves you, and will always lick your tears away. There is no better cure for the blues than a warm wet kiss from your loving dog!

Screaming Meme said...

Aww...poor baby girl! I hate when they are hurt or sick. I have three dogs, a Maltese, a chihuahua, and a golden retriever...and they are like my kids...they have brought this family closer and are so much fun! I will send this link to my sister...she has a baby shih tzu named Annie...I want her to see how cute yours are and to read about the eye problems..

Xo, meme

tofubeast said...

Glad her eye is doing better. Give her extra hugs from me.