Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Happy Accident Hospital and Rescuing Babies

One of my neglected Spider Plants.

No worries..... I am not in the hospital and I haven't been rescuing actual human babies!  No....It's just that time again! Needing to head outside to spruce things up. About every 3 months, my gardening duties are in project mood. Additionally,  I haven't been taking care of my plants like I usually do and it's time to pay the piper.  Some of them have gotten super mad at me.  Some of them are going to have to head to the hospital.  Some, well.....let's not tell them where they are going.....  
I have just let these plants linger, bunch all up together
and in need of tender loving care. 
Well.....water would help!
Shhh......don't tell that plant in the
center front that he is going to the hospital!

This bowl of succulents has great potential. 
I will clean it up and move it somewhere else.

Stressed out.

But has potential....
Most people would throw some of these plants away.  This little plant above, was NOT happy in my house and I just let it go too far. But I will rescue this guy.  I have rescued worse. I have picked up so many plants that my neighbors threw to the curb, you would even believe it.

I have pots that I cram all my sad, but still somewhat healthy, plants into and allow them to regain their strength together.  It's become quite an extraordinary collection of plants.  This particular pot (right) is quite a show piece.....and all these plants were almost dead at some point. (except for the little Purslane that I just stuck in the middle.) I added the  little stressed out plant above to this pot.  If you look closely you can see it peeking out from the back.

My Plant Hospital.

I have an area that I store extra pots.  I also store plants that are just too ugly to have sitting out on display, but could possibly see another day of beauty.  I call it the hospital.  I didn't always call it a hospital.  It happened by happy accident like so many things do when gardening.  It use to be an area to throw pots and plants that were just, well.....plain and simply stated, dead.  Funny thing was.....many of them came back!  It's a super shady area with just a dappling of light and a sprinkler close by.  Very peaceful spot where my ailing plants go to recuperate from the hot Florida sun. I recommend always having a plant hospital.  Money saving, big time.  I cannot tell you how many dead plants have returned in all their glory!
This wonderful Angel Wing Begonia
will live to see itself in a new pot soon.
Great recovery!
The project today is to tackle my four ginormous spider plants.  All four have a ton of 'babies' on them. 
Laden with babies
I need to clear out the dead ones and clean off the good ones.  I have so many offspring, that I decide to harvest some of them to put into small starter pots.  I start to break them apart gently and remove all the dead debris from around their roots.
Okay....so hear comes the weirdo in me.  As I am doing this....a very zen task I may add.... I start to see characteristics in these little babies that are kinda human.  Like this one......

Huge Momma!
I actually feel bad that I haven't harvested this one earlier.  It's huge and should have it's own home.  I actually think to myself, "Wow, this kid graduated from college and was never aloud to leave home!"

Most of them are tiny, but large enough to use as saplings (don't know if I am allowed to call a spider baby that, but oh well, I am.)  Then I find this one.....

Out of Wedlock Teenage Pregnancy
This one has sprouted another baby all on it's own.  I call it a Pregnant Teenager.  (I know, I am weird.)

Twin Sisters
I don't separate the two babies above, I just can't do it.  They seem destined to be together.

I clean clump by clump while making these ridiculous observations.  Makes me think of all the interconnectedness of nature and people.  I love working with plants.  It somehow connects me with the earth and gives me a sense of stewardship to nature.....

Finishing up the preparation process, I get a casserole dish from my pantry and fill it about half way with water.  I have decided to start new plants with these babies and possibly give them away to friends.  Putting them in water will keep them happy for days until I can attack that project. 
I make sure to use this amazing product, Mosquito Bits.  If you live in an area of the country that has mosquitoes, it is a must! It keeps mosquitoes from laying eggs in standing water.  I actually will spread this stuff around after a rain day or two to help cut down on mosquitoes. I sprinkle the bits into the casserole and add the babies.
I will enjoy these little ones until it is time to re-plant them.  Here they are hanging out on a table on my back patio.  They look happy, like little school children. 

I worked on other gardening, back patio stuff today as well and will reveal the results tomorrow.  It's spring time wherever you live!  Get out there and spruce things up! The only way I learned how to save these babies was by doing.  Heck, set yourself up a little sweet location for your very own plant hospital!  You will have a place other than the trash to send your plants too with the hopes that they too will have a glorious recovery! 

OH! and.....Don't forget to drink plenty of water!  (My friend, Ted is better at remembering that than I am!)

-The End-


tofubeast said...

You are a lil quirky, but that's what we love about you.

Screaming Meme said...

haha...you are funny! I love that you know how to garden...You need to help me...I am trying so hard to learn! :)