Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Saga Continues......Part: Too Many

Let the saga begin!  I can feel it in my bones about this element in my master bedroom project.  Every large project has that one thing that no matter how hard you work it, it just eats at your time, has you spinning your wheels without traction and frustrates the tar outta ya.  You start a project looking forward to the hunt, the surprises, the discoveries and the much needed changes.  You do get a lot of that, but there seems to always be that little stick in your craw.   
Interesting, but too busy
for me.

What am I talking about, you ask?  Ready? ..... It's the..... rug.  That darn rug.  I mutter as I drive home empty handed from yet another shopping excursion, "Why oh why, rug, do you have to be such a difficult thing for me?!!"  I have always been a little 'rug challenged.' (My sister has a knowing smile on her face as she reads this.)  I don't know what it is about rugs, but I am suspicious that it may have something to do with the expense.  I mean, is possible to find a fantastic rug  for a reasonable price without killing yourself in the process?   Am I just too cheap to appreciate the cost of this item?  Yikes!  I am one rug challenged gal!  It happens every-time!  My sister has put up with this 'illness' over the years and when she reads this, she gonna say something in the realm of, "Oh no, not again. Oh my god. No."

This 4 x 6 jute rug was
 reduced to $250 at ABC Carpet
and Home.  Reduced? 
It's just 4 x 6.  I need 8 x 10.
I have done shopping both online and around town for a rug.  Since I am neutralizing the space, the red Persian rug has been located elsewhere.  I am considering sisal or jute.  I gotta admit that I am shocked at how the price of this type of rug has actually gone up!  We use to be able to pick up one of these at Linens and Things (now closed) for a few dollars.  Now it's become some sort of big deal and the prices are in the 500 dollar range for a 8 x 10.  Go figure.
Cheapest 8 x 10 rug in the remnants
room was $499. Remnants?
Clearance? Really? 

Pottery Barn

I also went to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier One (no longer carries them), and a number of local consignment shops looking. I saw one at a consignment shop but it was all yucky...gross.  Made me realize that there are things not worth buying pre-owned.  Pottery Barn has what I am looking for, but their idea of a sale is 50 bucks off a 500 dollar rug.  I have looked online, but you can't really tell what you are getting.  This is the type of thing that I need to 'put my hands on' before I buy.   I am definitely set on using a natural material for the rug.  I love the texture and the look that it lends to a room.  Here are some inspiration images that have me wanting a jute or sisal rug underfoot.
Hemphill Rug, Orange County CA

via House Beautiful

Source unknown
The natural materials on the floor just lend a super nice warmth.  The floors in my master are a medium to light wood.  I just think that a jute rug would really complement the room.  I did bring a 'swatch' home from Pottery Barn the other day. Get can take home a 15 by 15 inch swatch that you pay about 30 bucks for and you have 30 days to return it for a refund.  Not a bad deal. Beats bringing home a rug, only to return it when it doesn't suit the space. (My sister, again, is smiling here.)

If anyone out there has an awesome source for jute or sisal rugs, speak up!  I can use the help.  My sister needs you to help me.  I don't think she can go through yet another rug saga with me.  There have been too many.  She needs the break.

-The End- 


Susan @ said...

Hi Lesley,
I just bought my sisal rugs at IKEA. I got an 8x10 for my living room and another for my bedroom. I was lucky enough to find one of them in the "scratch and dent" area for 1/2 price because the back of it was a little dirty.
They are just like the PB and Crate and Barrel ones but at about 1/2 the price!
I love mine, they look great and are great quality too.

Caye said...

Ask Leigh. I'll bet she knows.

Lisa said...

^^^^^^^ not smiling just shaking my head and smirking! Staying as far away as possible hoping this is solved before my summer vaca.!

Sue said...

^^^ LOL

Kristi said...

I second IKEA. I was just there yesterday and they had what I think was an 8x10 for $89. I immediately though of you! Well, after I thought of myself. :-)