Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Brained, Sleep Deprived and Making Decisions

I have been awake for all intense purposes since about 4 AM.  I awoke with my mind racing with all sorts of ideas.  It's like my brain works through each of them while I sleep, waking me to say, "Hello! I got the solution for you!"  Can my brain please figure out a better time to wake me with such revelations?....like 6 AM?  But this is how it is in my world.....my creative crazy brain juggling all the forty billion balls in the air. 
"Before" with UGG clutter!

I awake with a few decisions made.  First, the bookcase in the master bedroom is just not staying.  I have tried to make it work, but the truth is.....I am not a fan of the bookcase.  My hubby bought it during the year we lived in Atlanta for his at home office and it just never suited my tastes. It is a haven for clutter and dusty books.  I have spent hours trying to rework it to make sense in the bedroom.  One of the problems is that, creatively, I see it best in a different shade than what I have currently given it.  I'm in the middle of a white/neutral transformation in the master bedroom. I think that I have tried and pushed it too hard.  Art cannot be forced, it must flow from the creator.  I surmise that this bookcase is about to find itself in my inventory for the business, only to be re-painted at a later time.  Oh well, bye bye bookcase.

I really would like to replace it with a piece of pine furniture. Oh pine, how I love thee!!  I was in a consignment store yesterday and saw a pine armoire with a broken door.  The price was too high, but I wonder if I could get it for a better price.  I never asked. Could this be the reason that my brain can't resolve this and is waking me at 4 AM?!....Might need to make a trip back there. There is also this pine piece that I have had my eyeballs on at The Sugar Chest Antiques Mall.  I have a little secret stash of money (guess it's not quite the secret anymore) and I am thinking of tapping into it for this purchase.

Okay. So.  Did I  say that I had made some other decisions?  Well, the other one relates to starting my business.  In the next few months, I am going to be needing some cleared out workspace to start building an inventory.  I cannot continue to tax my family with my sh--, stuff, laying all over the house and back patio.  I mean, look at this image to the right.  There are piles of this stuff everywhere.  This particular image is of a pile that is within 3 feet of our billiards table.  No one has been able to play in over a month! 

 The other thing that I have got to remedy is the paint mistakes.  Oh, the drips and the drops and the splashes and the plops!  I know that I showed you in my blog post last month, Oops! Oh no!....No Problem, about a neat way to clean up paint mistakes, but I have about 3 or 4 hours of clean up work to do in all sorts of corners of the property. I really need a space that I can spray away, drip away, drop away without having to be so gosh darn careful!!! 

Ugg!! Another splat!

My studio is no longer a place to create. It is no longer the place of solitude that I created for myself.  I no longer keep my laptop in there because the stuff has encroached on my happy place! Even my finches are lonely in the aviary in the room.   Just take a look of how clear this corner was and what it looks like now. Actually, the second image is better than it actually looks today.....
Before (old camera)

After:  It's worse than this....
So what's a gal to do?  Well, I have made the decision, or my brain did while sleeping, that I am going to take back over my old studio space in the built-out garage.  It has been operating as a "Chill Room" for the kids.  The problem with the Chill Room?  Well, there hasn't been a lot of chillin' going on in there.  My two teenagers still watch television in our main living space and primarily hang in their bedrooms otherwise.  I did this room in the hope that they would really enjoy it during their teenage years.  It's totally cool, I know.  It's a mystery to me why they don't use this cool space.
This space will give me plenty of storage for all my furniture and finds. I will set up a painting booth where I can go wild with my materials.  Here is the best part.....I am keeping my other studio space too!!  Yep, that's right.  Too bad people who live with me!!  The Homeless Finch Studios has just been born and at the age of 47, I deserve the extra space. Deal. (Oh course, you realize this is my brain spouting off, not me.  Oh no...not my idea.) 

I will be listing the Ikea sofa on Craigslist over the weekend after I offer a sweet deal to a friend of mine who might want it.  Both kids are wanting the large screen television, but it would take up their entire bedrooms and that indulgence is just not happening.  That cool rug has been long gone.....they trashed it within a month. Oh why do we do these things for these kids anyway?!

As I progress down the road, I hope to have some type of business space outside the home, but for now...this is the plan.  I have a lot of shifting around to do today and tomorrow and the next day......Now where is that dolly cart?........

-The End-

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Sue said...

I wish I could come live in the chill room. :-)