Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Master Bedroom: Poster Bed Sneak Peek and A Tablescape Idea


For those of you who are new to my blog, I have been working on my master bedroom and bath project for a few months.  It has been quite an undertaking.  We are turning the enter area into a white/neutral color scheme away from a green/red palette with dark wood furniture. Phew! Major overhaul to the master bathroom as well.   Here is a sneak peek at the four poster bed frame.
Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk Paint
I am working through some details on tablescapes for the bedroom. This is one that I came up with that I think is pretty neat.  Still deciding whether it will make the cut.

We have a nice collection of old photographs of our parents and grandparents.  Instead of putting all of them in a multi-image frame, I decided to place them in this vintage suitcase.  I included some vintage costume jewelry and pearls from my hubby's mother's collection.  I also inter-mingled some seashells, sea glass and crystals throughout.  If you notice, the suitcase is sitting next to my Mother's Plate and on top of my Cherished Chest of Drawers that I completed last month as a part of my master bedroom makeover project. 

Before now, I would have never considered having such a display out because of issues of keeping it dust free.  But I have found the best product for dusting, The Swiffer duster!
I just run this little duster over the display once a week when I am touching up around the room.  Does wonders!  If you don't use this, you gotta try it. Awesome. 

Getting excited because I have a meeting scheduled for Thursday to finally see the plans for the new cabinetry for the bath and a built in for the television in the bedroom!  Oh course, I will update you later this week.

Hope you enjoyed this short little stop to check out this one idea.  It might make the cut.  What do you think? In or out?  Still on the fence about this one.....

-The End-


Danielle said...

This pic is nothing like seeing the luggage photo display in person. It is amazing!

Lisa Montsion said...

My mom cleans so much I don't think there is any dust in her house. It's nuts.