Friday, May 6, 2011

I Was Featured! and Other Randomness from the blogs

So I  am so excited because my Cherished Chest of Drawers was featured on the blog, My Repurposed Life! For those of you who don't know what being 'featured' is....  I post my projects on other people's blogs who sponsor link parties.  Gail picked my project as one of her favorites from the party! Nice compliment!  The encouragement gives me energy!  If you want to see the feature click on this button.

The blogs are a fun place, filled with ideas and inspiration.  I see a lot of really great stuff out on the blogs.  Some of the stuff becomes the basis of my ideas.  Some of it is just kinda neat.....some a little strange.  I am always surprised what people will 'fix up.'  Did you ever think of decorating a file cabinet?  Well, one blogger did......
File Cabinet Redo
Blog: "Watch Me Redo My Room-By Room"
How about a chicken coop?!  Julie at Life at Fire Lake, loves her chickens so much she decided to fix up their home.  The coop was just a plain grey shed.  This is what it looks like now.  This is the same person who made the hanging bed that I showed you last week.  Super creative gal!
Life at Fire Lake - Chicken Coop Redo
Many of bloggers share recipes and party ideas.  I see a ton of desserts, but these amazing looking Spinach and Mushroom appetisers and the easy way she made them put them into the noteworthy category.  You can click on the caption for the recipe and instructions.  I absolutely crack up at the name of this blog. (in caption)  This gal obviously does not have a girl in the house!
Sugar and Spice In The Land of Balls and Sticks

I talk a lot about Miss Mustard Seed.  Her latest furniture makeover, a Cherry Blossom Dresser is just awesome. I am a fan. Everything this gal does is gold.
Miss Mustard Seed Cherry Blossom Dresser
Meme of Screaming Meme told a great story about a yard sale on her street and this amazing vintage birdcage piece that she got for only $13.  I wish it had been me who found this...

Screaming Meme Yard Sale
Many bloggers post unique ideas that are easy, and ingenious.  I saw this real cool idea for displaying photographs inside jars.  Kim at Too Much Time On My Hands is someone whom I follow everyday. 

Too Much Time On My Hands
Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect was at a vintage inspired wedding last weekend.  The image below shows the boutonnieres.  The flowers on the pews were just like this, but placed in ball canning jars and hanging on a wire.  I have never seen such a creative way of using flowers.  Charming......
 Perfectly Imperfect
So I hope you enjoyed taking a little look at some things that I am seeing "out there."  I am hoping to finish some projects in the next day or so to show you.

I have my next meeting with Chris, my upholsterer today.  I told you about this project in my blog post Daughter, Distractions and a Multitude of Fabric. The sofa slipcover is almost done. 

I have been taking a lot of side trips for details for the master bedroom.  Spent a few hours at Calico Corners and found some fabrics that I hope to use in a few mini projects.  Here is a sneak peek.....
Remnant shelf....Yeah!

Checking out.

Not sure where this is going.
But I like it......
 Looking forward to my Saturday Yard Sale excursion!  The weather has been a little rainy which might 'dampen' the festivities....  Have my fingers crossed that there are great finds out there tomorrow morning.....Gotta run!

-The End-


Lisa said...

Love the jar pictures idea! Well, actually I love all the creations. I want a pillow out of that dragonfly material. Need ya to look at my kitchen lighting issue!

laxsupermom said...

Thanks so much for including my Spinach appetizers in with all these fantastic highlighted projects! I just love so many of the same blogs that you do. Off to check out some of the blogs I'm not familiar with yet.

Baby Bird said...


Thank you so much for featuring Screaming Meme. That means so much to me...And the story is hilarious...I still am giggling...;) I am off to check out more of your blog to get to know you better and a few of the blogs you featured here...Love Marian @ Miss Mustard Seed. I hope to be working with her on something really fun soon!

Xo, Meme

MELANIE said...

Lesley thanks so much for stopping by, I get so excited about my junk! lol I too have seen the ladder as a pot rack...Im working on my own version of one in addition to some other fun transformations (lord knows I have enough ladders).

We have similar blog love, MMS is one of my inspirations! I'll be following ya too now!

Lucky 7 Design

tofubeast said...

Love some of the projects you featured here. Your blog is a lot of fun to read, Lesley!