Saturday, May 28, 2011

Action! Forward Progress with the Master Bed and Bath Project

Phew! Two big things happened this week. Jennifer, my cabinet designer, completed the long awaited designs and presented them AND my second shipment of Annie Sloan Chalk paint arrived so I can finally finish painting the bedroom furniture.

My master bed and bath redo has been in a stall and I am kinda sick and tired of sleeping with the bed on the floor.  It was kinda funny at first. My hubby and I made jokes about being 'hip bohemians' with the bed on the floor, but enough is enough!  It's just not cool anymore!! 

Somethings have really changed since I took the above photo.  We have a four foot bead-board treatment running the room.  I replace the side tables and a different set of lamps are sitting on them now.....and for gosh sakes I fixed that darn spindle on the bench with some super duper Gorilla Glue!  Here is a sneak peek at the plans that Jennifer presented.  I am making some changes, like considering a louvred door panel for a beachy look and adding a shallow, medicine-style cabinet to the left of hubby's sink.  It will have a mirror on it similar to my side on the right.   This change is all about function, but we would like it to also change the look of the bathroom as well.    (I pumped up the size of the images, so you can see them better.)

Two sink vanity with storage on the side. Lots of neat
details, like a drawer with a blow dryer that is already
plugged in, side pull outs for my make up and whatnots,
a lit 10 X mirror on an arm. Yeah!
"Aerial" view. Rectangular sinks.
We also have a television/electronics spot in a recessed area of the wall in the bedroom that we have had Jennifer re-work for us.  This ugly, flat framing has been there since we moved in.  I wanted her to design the interior space to work for our needs better and re-design the front of the unit to look more like a piece of furniture.  Here is the before picture and the plans following.
Left:  Interior plans.  Right: Exterior w/doors closed.
The built in will protrude slightly from the wall and have features, like a footed bottom to mimic furniture.  The bottom doors have bead-board in the recessed area to tie the cabinet into the bead-board in the room.  So excited.  Now we just have to get my cabinet maker to get us a quote and get building..... 
Armoire I picked up at
a consignment store.

Today, I will be painting my little fanny off.  I really want to finish the poster bed and get going on the other furniture.  I have picked up a few new things, including this totally neat pine armoire, which I will not be painting, and some fresh linens.  I can't seem to find the rug I want at the price I want.  The hunt continues.  I will also be trying out a few swatches of wall color sometime in the next day or so.  Do any of you out in blog land have a great 'go to' white or neutral wall color?  If so, please share.  I prefer Sherwin Williams products and they can match just about any color.  Can you tell that things are really picking up around here on this project?! 

This neat armoire is going to be used in lieu of the bookcase that I talked about in my blog post Throwing in The Towel, Taking Losses and Going Shopping.  I found it at a consignment shop marked down three times.  The lock has some issues that I need to work through, but I got it for such a cheap price, I didn't mind. 

To top it off....I have been clearing out my master bedroom closet.  I spent the entire day yesterday in there languishing away.  Not my favorite thing to do.  But there is light at the end of that tunnel.  While coats of paint dry today on the furniture, I hope to complete the closet.  If I can get some worthy images, I will share those too. 

So don't forget!  If you have a great 'go to' white or neutral wall paint color that you love, please let me know.  It's so difficult to find just the right shade, not too boring with just the right amount of yummy.....and ya gotta have yummy.
-The End-


‚Ą≥artina @ Northern Nesting said...

Lookin good Lesley can't wait to see more!! Enjoy your weekend, Martina

Lisa Montsion said...

I want to see that painting in that picture close up. It looks really nice.