Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ten Minute Guest Bath Sprucing Has Me Smiling Pretty

I stopped off at Homegoods yesterday for a new kitchen sink rug.  Didn't find one that I liked.  How to salvage the trip?  Standing there I remembered that my little guest half bath had been looking a little drab lately and needed a little spruce up.  Everyone who visits uses this room. I needed to do something about it. The image below is the before shot.  I am starting with a beautiful cabinet with faucets that I adore.  But, come one people, dinner napkins for drying hands?  Oh, and that soap....yep, it would be empty.  Bad hostess here.  Maybe this is why I have not been asking people over lately.

I didn't need much, just fresh hand towels, appropriate hand paper towels and a fresh bottle of nice hand soap.  Well, I'm at Homegoods.  Could there be a better place to find everything for this quick change?  I found everything that I needed.  I concentrated making the choices in the neutral tones since I know I will be adding a pumpkin or two for Thanksgiving and some kind of Christmas accent in December.  I also made sure to check the clearance shelves first.  Pay dirt.  Found these neat brown Leopard print towels, goes with everything and paper hand towels with Paris style script on them.  Add in a nice little bottle of coconut-vanilla scented hand soap with a neato brown and beige print on the label.  Done for less then 15 bucks. 

Once I got the stuff home, I also wanted to add a fragrant candle.  I found this little glass jar with a lemongrass scented candle that had burnt down a little too far.  Nothing is lost here.  I got my papers out for a candle spruce up.  Cut a strip of scrap paper to fit the jar and simply taped the seams together in the back.  No need to fuss. No one is going to turn my candle around to see that! If they do, they deserve the shock. I challenge them to walk out of this bathroom with their poker face intact!!  I then added a little strip of paper that has script on it to add a little interest and pair well with the paper hand towels.  Finally, I tied off a piece of jute for texture.   

This all took me about 10 minutes and gave the room a little lift.
What took me so long?  Oh, that's right.  I'm busy.  Just like you, I bite off too much, work too hard on my blog, bust my butt raising teenagers, attempt to be the best wife possible and am attempting to resurrect my art career.  That would be why.  Silly me. 

With the seasons changing its a great time to address those little things.  Sometimes, it's just a little 10 minute guest bath spruce up.  It really is that simple.  Do you have a little project that you can tackle that will give you a little lift?  Such a simple way to put a smile on your face.  Try it.

-The End-


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Very pretty Lesley! You can go wrong with Home Goods! Martina

Grammy Goodwill said...

I like the additions to your bathroom. I sure wish there were a Home Goods near us.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Nice quick change! I have that same towel holder in my guest bathroom! Ha!