Friday, September 2, 2011

Ponderings from the Desk of The Homeless Finch

Bought. Soon to show up in my home.
It amazes me everyday that at the age of 47, I still haven't figure it out.  I am not talking about large lofty things like The Meaning of Life and such. I think I have that somewhat figured out for myself.  I am talking about the 'what' am I suppose to be doing with my creativity.  I have an arsenal of skills that I have learned along the way in my search, so nothing is lost.  But, what the heck am I doing here?

 As I write this....I am sitting here in my studio thinking about how to fill my time here this morning.  Why do I have this conflict between wanting to put paint on canvas and being pulled away for creative pursuits in my home?  Is this a time to push forward and make myself start to paint?  Is it a internal message telling me that my talents are better used somewhere else?  Why can I not figure this one out?!  Grr...

Taken at Riitta Klint's Studio.
Do you have these conflicts between what you think you should do and what is drawing your elsewhere?  Is it fear that is keeping me from my canvases?  Is it?  Is it lack of inspiration on what to paint?  Is it all these things and my psyche is bringing them out of my fingers as I pound these words from my computer?  What is my inner voice saying to me right now.  Wait a minute.....I am going to take a moment right here to think about this. Be right back.

Paint spatters on a drop-cloth in
Riitta Klint's Studio.
I just don't have the answers.  So I guess I will do what I tell my kids.  Just keep pressing forward, in the hopes that someday there will be a moment of clarity and you will see how this all adds up to something uniquely yours.  I'm gonna sign off now and see what happens. 

(Project Post coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.)
-The End-


KAT said...

jump in and just do something Have fun with it ! You were given the talents for a creative...we need art to make us happy !

Allen said...

Besides thanking you for posting Riitta's studio stuff, I really relate to this blog and I want to talk about it.I believe you have tapped into a major universal feeling among people, regardless of career. Even if I have had a wonderful commodity trading career, I wonder, what about it now, and what should I be doing and do I even have a good choice? I believe you have tapped into a good vein of though and I encourage you to pursue it, you were very forthcoming.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I think one of the "dangers" of entering the blogging world as that we begin to evaluate our projects in terms of what others will think of them...not necessarily what we really WANT to do. Certainly we get some satisfaction out of any project completed, but is really where our interest and dreams lie? I hope you are able to find an answer and some direction for yourself!