Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunflower Chandy

September is a 'between time' month.  It's not summer. It's really not yet Fall either.  Even though I live in a tropical location, I have a need to change things up once my teens hit the books.  It just doesn't feel like beach balls and pool floats anymore.  But then again, I am not ready for pumpkins either. 

My solution for this is to put away beachy stuff and incorporate pseudo-harvest items into my decor, like apples, sunflowers and the bees of early autumn.  I don't like to make twice the work on myself, so I consider that in just four short weeks my Halloween decorations are about to appear.  With that in mind, my decorations are more of a staging for more to come.  Take for example my new Fall Chandy Decoration. 

I saw these super neato sunflower napkin rings appear this year at Pier One Imports. The moment they had a sale, I scooped up enough to fit over each light on my dining room chandelier.  If you remember last Spring, I re-did this chandy with spring roses and highlighted it on my blog here.  Now it time for the roses to take a leave and give way to something more appropriate.  Once I saw these sunflowers, I knew they were the autumn replacements.  They will remain here through Thanksgiving as a base.  I will add a little accent of Halloween and then Thanksgiving.  For now, I added a little early autumn bee to the mix. 

I found a neat black and white bee in a book I have, copied it and mounted it on red gingham paper and then back them with brown corrugated paper. (I anticipated being able to the see the backside of the cards and wanted a finished look.) 

I then strung them on a thick jute and simply wound them around the candlestick lights.  Nice finishing touch which didn't take a lot of time and can be switched out come October.

Ignore my hubby's junk pile on the stairs.  (wink)
Nice, quick little 'switcherooy!'  This didn't take a lot of time. It's fresh and gives an immediate feeling of an oncoming autumn season. Come October, the bees will take flight and leave and I will replace them with something fun for Halloween.  For now, let me get outta here before one of these bees stings my @$$ hand. 

-The End-
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tofubeast said...

Very pretty even with husband's junk pile in the back!!! eheh Even if it doesn't feel like the season is changing outside, it is nice to create the illusion in our air conditioned homes!

Deneen said...

Love it! Looks like the break did you good! I love working with napkin rings.

KAT said...

wonderful post...I love the sunflowers and bees...makes me want to do a new wreath for sure this week and get ready for fall stuff to come out

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So very unique. That looks great. Thanks for joining Wow.

xl pharmacy said...

I love working with napkin rings.