Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Planning To Spruce Up My Kitchen and Need YOUR help and Advice!!!

After 6 years in my present home, I have a confession to make.   I hate my kitchen.  But then again, I have never liked a single kitchen in any of the 7 homes that I have owned!  My kitchens have been like the three little bears...too small, too big, too ugly. Wait.  Was that last one of the three little bears' bed problems??  I will have the check on that one later.  You get the idea.   
Why am I bringing this up now?  Well, we just made the final decision that we are staying put in this house for a while, at least until my youngest is in or finished with college.  She just turned 14.  So when the slide in range went Kapooie last week, I was forced into the decision to change out the appliance package, including the dishwasher since it was so rusted out inside that the little 'porks' that hold up the plates and glasses had almost all broken off!   

Well.....my new stuff was just installed and boy oh boy what a change!  The problem is......oh my, there is a problem?  Who could possibly have a problem with a new range, microwave and dishwasher? Right?!  I still hate my kitchen! Yikes!   I have never really like the boring, natural wood look of the cabinets.  After quite a few years of use, they are starting to show wear in areas and need a little sprucing.  I want one of those super charming kitchens and I'm not moving!
So this is what I am doing...posting pictures of this kitchen and asking you, yes you who is reading this, to give me some ideas, advice.  In other words, give me some help to make me love this space.  I have been pinning some images to my Pininterest as I think through the process.  I don't want to show any of that yet because I don't want your opinion jaded!

Here is what I want to do.  First re-finish/paint the cabinets.  I am thinking a British Country kind of look....maybe muted green lower cabinets and creme colored upper cabinets with green accents and distressing?  What do you think?  I am open to ideas...

I also want to figure a way to hide the coffee maker without removing it from the counter top.  I wish I had one of those counter top cabinets that close, but I don't.  Would like to do something charming.  Any creative suggestions? 

The storage in the kitchen is horrible.  I use this hallway closet that is about 20 feet away as a 'pantry.'  I know, pitiful.  I am going to install some cheapy garage cabinets and try to move some of the things I use less often and open up this space.  I do not have enough drawer space, so I am thinking I might move my cooking utensils to the counter top.  Any good ideas on how to make this look awesome?

Lastly, I have removed all the stuff I had above the cabinets because all it did was collect dust and I thought it was cluttery.  What to do with that upper space that is interesting?? Suggestions? 

Here is what I love about the kitchen.  The big round eat in table.  We eat at it every night and love it.  It has neat storage shelves below that I use for my bowls.  I also love my farmhouse sink and the glass front cabinets.  I love my appliances.  The new range is amazing.  My old one was, well....seriously bad.  So glad it is gone.  I also love my granite counter tops.  We had those installed 6 years ago and they still look awesome and are a joy to work on top of.

So give me some advice!  We are talking....new cabinet surfaces, something for the coffee maker and utensils, what to do with the space above the cabinets?  If you think of anything else, speak up!!  I need the help and no comment should be left unsaid.  If you have ideas for something you are seeing in the images, don't be afraid to make a suggestion.  No worries about hurting any one's feelings here. 

Come on, friends, help me!!

Waiting for your comments!

-The End-
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❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀ said...

You have a beautiful kitchen.

I painted my kitchen cabinets green and gave them an antique finish with maple stain. We are still in the planning stages of getting granite.

As for storage I have the same problem. Can you build a cabinet to hold pretty dishes in another room?

Place platters above your cabinets on stands. How about a few woven baskets with covers too.

I think your coffee maker looks fine on your counter.


KAT said...

my cabs look very similar to your ..but you have granite and s.s. appliances so you are miles above me in getting your kitchen spruced up...I have very old appliances (black and white yuk) ...so Im just thinking Im really interested in what other bloggers more into this than me say...I was thinking go dramatic with white or black painted cabs...but your idea is much more artistic and nature-y sounding, so I like your idea too. placing big gorgeous platters or bowls on top the cab is a good idea your first comment-er said already. I'll be interested to come back and see what others have to say !

tofubeast said...

Can we swap kitchens? LOL!! (I can't wait to re-do ours at some point.) What about finding a clever way to disguise your coffee maker while keeping it on the counter (and not in use.) Saw this online. Maybe something not exactly like this, but inspired by this.


KWalter said...


White White White! I have a similar look--chestnut brown cabs and a tile counter( my dream would be granite) with warm colors like terra cotta and yellow, green--I have a magazine with a kitchen I love--white cabinets with the counters the color of yours..they are not white washed, but it I could see it--like your bedroom---but solid glossy maybe white...hmmmmm
above cabinets--white and cream fun things --keeping them large and simple.. anyway thats what I think--

Ranger 911 said...

How about removing the crown around the top of the cabinets. Then have open cubbies built in the space above the cabinets to house pretty (but seldom used) serving pieces AND some of your smaller art pieces. I am partial to painted cabinets, so I think your idea of the two colors is great! Have fun!

Twice Nice said...

Hmmm, I definitely like the idea of the paint colors you describe. I've seen olive painted cabinets that are so lovely. I too like the idea of displaying some larger, hard to store normally serving pieces and/or art work above the cabinets, but you could also close them in with some kind of soffet if you really want to reduce the clutter and lose the dust bunny issue. Or even more class fronted/lighted cabinets up above that open from the bottom up to store collectible dishes/serving dishes. As for the coffee maker, I don't think it is so bad having one out on the counters. It looks like you are a low clutter kind of gal, so how about housing your frequently used utensils in a cute/painted wood or stainless box kept near the stove. I've also seen drawers that are attached up under the upper cabinets, that you can pull down to hold knives or other utensils. They keep the clutter up and off the counter. I covet my MIL's knife box! This sounds like fun. I'm going to live vicariously through you until I figure out what to do with my own kitchen!

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

I actually love this kitchen's arrangements. I love the cabinets that flank both sides of the fridge. they would be awesome in white or that pale creamy color you referred to. I think the soft green on the bottom would be delightful too. And the table that you use is really adorable, keep it for sure. You might consider getting small cabinets put up in the ceiling space area, where you could put things not used too often, like roasting pans and big platters, freeing up maybe another lower cabinet for your pantry storage for items used everyday.
I think a big urn with cooking utensels on the counter actually makes a pretty focal point. Good luck with it, I love to do re-do's and will be following along.

janet said...

Hello Lesley,

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today.

Now about your kitchen... fabulous bones to work with! I love the idea of painting your uppers different from the bottom cabinets. That will give it more of a farmhouse kitchen look...which I am partial to.

I keep my daily silver (yup...real silver, because everyday is special in my mind) in a pretty crock on the counter. Scour the thrift shops or resale places around you and look for a special crock or jug to display your utensils. Remember...the best cooks and chefs in the world never hide their utensils.

The space above the cabinets can be enclosed by building some soffits. Anything you place up there will ultimately gather some dust, so once a year just go for it and run a Swiffer duster around.

I'm a plate kinda gal, so hanging some gorgeous vintage plates up on those walls would be great. I didn't notice, but will you be painting the walls.
Ironstone would look great against the green.

Your coffee maker looks fine on the counter...it's one of those kitchen appliances that everyone expects to see. However if you want to hide it...try building a counter screen by cutting down to size a small window louvered shutter and painting it. Then you can just fold the shutter closed and use the coffee maker. Can you picture that?

I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

One more thing...I would use water based paint and not oil based for the cabinets. The odor and drying time and nasty clean-up with oil paint are really bad.
I have painted kitchens using oil based and water based...the water based has held up just fine. I try not to use products that are bad for the environment.

So have fun and just go for it!

janet xox

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