Monday, September 19, 2011

The Homeless Finch on Tumblr And Updates

Air Boat Ride

I opened up a Tumblr Account to explore my art through photography.  I am not quite sure how I will use this, but the initial idea is just playing with my images in PhotoShop and such.  Might use the images to launch a painting. Might use them in home design.   Might just let them stay just photos.  No rules.  If you are interested, take a look.

I have a ton of projects going this week.  The Chill Room is no longer.  Ed came this past weekend and opened up the space back into a garage.  It's pretty much a mess right now.  Gotta get it back in order.  In case you are wondering why The Chill Room had to go, my kids weren't using it anymore and after one long hot summer with my car out in the heat, I am done!  
Bye Bye Chill Room

I am in the initial phase of a kitchen upgrade.  I am having efficiency issues and I am also wanting to refinish the cabinetry.  I will do a lengthier post on this project in a few days.  I have been spending sometime searching and pinning ideas and thoughts to my PinInterest.  The image below is my "pantry."  The quotations are around that word because this closet is in a hallway fin my house about 20 feet away from my kitchen.  Yep, you got it.  My pantry is in a closet down the hall.  After 6 years of this craziness, something has gotta be done about this!
Efficiency Issues!!!
I have finished the last painting that I showed you a progress report on and have started on another. I will show you some images maybe tomorrow.  The Homeless Finch is busy, people.  Check out my Tumblr

Happy Monday!

-The End-

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xlpharmacy said...

How can you say good bye to a chill room you're so cruel. I love my chill room with my LCD and my home theater it's like my sanctuary.