Monday, September 5, 2011

Something Is Fowl in My City: How I Get Out Of Trying To Be Like Martha

imageYou can't have chickens in my city.  They just don't allow them. Plain and simple.  I actually looked this up after seeing this amazing chicken coop over at my friend Korrie's blog,  Red Hen Home.  Isn't it adorable?  She made the sign on the front for the person who owns the coop.

I can't have anything else either, just dogs and cats and domesticated birds and they must live inside the house.  No caged pet outside.  Never really put much thought to this.  I mean, it's not like I ever really wanted a chicken coop.  But there are all these totally cool people out there, especially in that super cool state of California raising their own chickens and eating their amazing fresh eggs everyday.  I keep seeing this as I read blogs written by totally hip west coast bloggers.  Seems to be the next great craze.

Guess I am stuck with frying up my own eggs from the grocery or going to the McDonald's just three blocks away for one of their famous Egg McMuffins.  Guess the city muckety mucks weren't too concerned about 'public health' when they aloud Micky Ds to set up shop in our city.  The good news is that I will never aspire to be like Martha Stewart.  Without chickens, I'm just not up to her speed, right?!  Phew! Off the hook!

Well....for today, I will just stick with my three wonderful doggies and 7 finches.  They might not provide me with anything edible, but they do supply me with lots of kisses and song.  What more could I ever want?

I have been working on some autumn tablescapes and will be showing you some of the results soon.
Here is a sneak peek....

-The End-


Sue said...

Good news!! If you want to have a pig as a pet you can move to Oakland Park! (insert eye roll here).,0,2575443.story

tofubeast said...

I hear we can harvest worms though! ;)

KAT said...

that's so funny I too love the thought of fresh eggs in the morn...and cute little coop like that...Oh are so perfect !!