Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blast from the Past: One Chair, One Day Reveal

Many of you who follow The Homeless Finch found me way after I started blogging.  I remember days gone by when I was working in my studio, blogging about my projects and I only had about 20 followers who were mainly friends from my 'real' world life.  Because of this, I have decided to bring to you from time to time some of my Blasts From the Past Blog Posts.  Ya know...stuff I did before you found me, but stuff I think is worthy to re-visit and highlight.  I am going to be calling these my Blast From The Past posts and on days like today, I will re-introduce them.   For those who missed this stuff....hope you enjoy!  So without further ado...

One Chair, One Day Reveal
This post was featured on three blogs.  I was kinda stunned because, quite frankly, I hated this chair but blogged about it anyway!  In fact, this chair is now sitting upside down atop something in my garage!!

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Yesterday, I gave myself a challenge.  I wanted to finish this chair in one day.  I was packing for a quick trip down to The Florida Keys and had to finish all the laundry in the house as well.  I also needed to get a mani/pedi so that I looked presentable to my husband's business contacts on this trip.  Somewhere in between, I wanted to redo this chair.  I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with this chair.  I had no preconceived notions or hang ups.  It's was a clean slate.  I was winging it......   I started with this chair that I got for 2 bucks at a yard sale last weekend.

After dropping my daughter at school, I headed to Joann's Fabrics.  I had rummaged through my fabric piles and nothing inspired me.  I wanted something with some personality.  After grabbing an awesome 40% coupon at the door, I headed back to the decorator fabrics and found this awesome fabric.  I noticed a nice light grey color in the pattern and immediately thought of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey paint.  I happen to have a pint of this paint. The idea of using it on this project excites me because the process of using this paint allows me to skip the priming stage.  Just what I needed for a one day project! Yeah!  I also decided to pick up a new foam cushion.  Before I had left the house I had taken the cover off and found this disgusting chair cover, and was not going to re-use it.
On the way home, I stopped back by my daughter's school.  Over half of her class were not in attendance because of some skip school rumor. She had been texting me non-stop.  The guidance counselor confirmed her dilemma, released her and she jumped in the car with me.  I have to admit that it ran through my mind that getting the chair done would be easier without the extra pick up in the mid-afternoon!!  Besides, she is one heck of a laundry captain and I knew she would be helping!!!  I know, bad mommy.....

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint requires very little prep, so I got right to work painting.  This chair had been neglected for so many years, it devoured the paint.
I was super pleased. It was already worlds better.  Between layers of paint, I push through the laundry and started on the chair cushion.  It really gave me a run for my money.  These little chair covers are the easiest thing to do.  All it takes is a pair of scissors and a staple gun. But, this one was teaching me a lesson!  The thicker foam cushion made the folding at the corners challenging.
I kept eyeing the center slat on the chair knowing that I wanted to add an accent.  I placed the cushion temporarily in place and decided to add a stencil detail in the same deep rich blue in the fabric.  I have a huge selection of stencils that I have collected over the years, I knew that I could find one with a similar 'feel' as the pattern in the fabric. 

Out came my acrylic paints.  (I am always thankful at this point for my art degree. Oh!!! All the hours spent perfecting mixing paint colors does actually pay off!)  I matched the color mixing two shades, taped on the stencil and went to town.
 I also decided to add a little detail to the top of the chair legs.
I lightly sanded the chalky, yummy surface of the chair.  I love this paint because it just melts under the sanding block.  All the drippy and gloppy places easily sand away to a smooth surface. I brushed some of the paint dust lightly over the surface of the stenciled areas to soften their intensity. 

So I got to this stage and stopped.  Sorry that the image is a little dark, the sun was going down. Long day.  I just wasn't satisfied with it.  It didn't feel finished, plus there were some super cool markings on this chair and they are just not visible in this state.  I knew I needed to add some dark accents....but what?

I decided to take a huge risk and mix up a wash out of my dark blue acrylics.  I added a ton of water to it, got a junky brush out and a few rags with extra water.  I thought, "What the heck!  I got nothing to lose."  I knew that I would be posting the results on my blog and I decided to let the chips fall where they may. This Annie Sloan's paint has a seriously powdery surface and I didn't know how the wash was going to 'take' to that surface.

 I just liberally brushed the watered down paint onto the chair, working in small sections. 

I let it set up a little bit and came back with a soft wet rag and wiped off the excess, except in the crevices.  I followed with just a damp cloth and buffed the surface.
It was at this point that I started to get excited because all those bubbly, yucky, drippy wonderful paint marks were being showcased! Yeah!  It was definitely changing the overall hue of the chair to blue, but I was okay with it. 
Details of the bubbles, brush strokes highlighted
by the glazing.

I finished up the entire chair, buffing the surface one more time rubbing more blue off in certain areas to let the grey show through.  I think it is done and here are the results with the "before" and "after" images.....




I am super happy with the results now that I took the risk and used the blue wash.  It was great marriage with the chalk paint.  Here are some more images.

I did get the huge piles of laundry done, with the help of my daughter who was playing hookie.  The packing got done late last night and I probably forgot to include something important in the overnight bag due to my sleepiness.  Oh well....  One thing I didn't accomplish....Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn.......the seriously needed mani/pedi.  Normally I wouldn't care, but this trip is a husband work related excursion. Yep.  I'm in trouble.  We drive out of here in just a few hours.....  I gotta run and get these tootsies done and get this leftover Paris Grey paint and blue acrylic wash off my skin!  Arg!

-The End-


Anne said...

Superb job! That fabric is fantastic and your paint job marvelous!!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

What a great transformation! I love the fabric and the stencil goes so well with it. Great job!

Sam I Am...... said...

Awesome job! Just when I thought it couldn't look any improved it! The blue wash put it over the top! And I'm not even a blue person! LOL! Great job..I find it hard to believe that chair is in your garage? I'm going to be trying a "fake" recipe for chalk paint as "Annie" is out of my wish me luck! Thanks for the tips too!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

I love using the glaze with ASCP! This chair looks fabulous! Love the color!

Twice Nice said...

I think this chair was before I started following you! I love that fabric, and I love the wash of blue. You're an artistic risk taker Lesley! I'd get that chair back out of the garage if I were you, cuz it looks fab. Deb

Christina said...

Yes, I've only recently begun following your blog.

OMG, that chair is so cute! Great photo presentation so we could clearly learn the steps. No way would I have glanced at that original chair and seen the possibilities.

LOVE that Paris Grey color. Think it will be the first color I try for my project.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a difference that last step of glazing made! it looks amazing and totally changed the color and happy-ed it up! and i love that fabric!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Of course I love the fabric...can't believe this has been stashed in your garage! You should put it up on eBay. I bet it would sell in a minute. Happy Weekend.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Well now, maybe occasional sales in your garage are the way to go!