Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Kitchen Cabinet Becomes An Open Shelf And A Burrow For Woodsy Too!

Woodsy moved yesterday!  Yep, once again my fun little Woodsy the Owl has taken flight and has found a new home right smack dab in the middle of my latest project, my kitchen. If you have recently started following me and have no idea who this Woodsy character is, let me explain.  The rest of you, just hang here a second.
Woodsy in a garden area.

Back several months ago, I found this ceramic owl at a neighbor's yard sale.  I wrote all about him and an environmental campaign that I remembered from my childhood with a mascot by the name of Woodsy.  The blog post is entitled, Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute! Since then, Woodsy has starred in many blog posts along the way.  He has kinda been a traveling companion of sorts having joined in as an accent on many of my redecoration projects.  I probably should give him his own category on my blog!! 

The last time you saw him was on my upper patio update.  But the weather was often windy, and I stressed out that he would get knocked over and broken. (Yes, I stressed out about that!!) 


Okay. So. I actually think it is possible, that Woodsy has found his final home.  Have I said that before?! As you guys know, I have been working on my kitchen.  I have just been forced to replace most of my appliances.  The stove/oven and the dishwasher died all at once and the microwave was on it's last leg.  After replacing them, I took a look around and realized that I never really liked my kitchen and couldn't figure out why. 

Dysfunction. lol

So I wrote about it here.  I placed the post on a few linky parties trying to graze for ideas.  A few ideas were offered, but in the end, I realized that the problem was that I never really decorated the space.  It just lack any personality.  It was also very dysfunctional and I have taken care of a lot of the deficiencies as well.

I chose to go with a black and white theme, keeping the cabinets natural. It was something that Kat of Kat's Nature said in her comments that got me to thinking black accents. A few of you suggested that I bring my utensils up into neat containers and I have done it and love, love, love the change.  I almost have it completed and will show you the entire room with before and after shots soon.  But I wanted to show you one thing that I did and how Woodsy flew in for the save!  The overall plan was to infuse my style into a kitchen that felt too contemporary for my tastes. 

One mini project that I took on was removing a cabinet door and making open shelves for my favorite cookbooks.  I had been keeping them in a hallway closet and I wanted them closer for reference.  I picked up black and white gingham fabric at Joann's.  Using my Modge Podge, I lined the cabinet walls, covering up the ugly shelf peg holes and hinge holes.  I later cut open the holes I needed in order to re-hang the shelves.  Easy peasy.  Presto chango!

I placed my cookbooks on the shelves and realized that I needed something neat for the space to the left of one stack.  I looked around my house and found nothing, mainly because I wanted something black or white and didn't see anything charming enough.  So I set out for a day of shopping.  I am not kidding, I shopped for this one item, like some time wasting idiot!!  In the end, I returned home with nothing.  I wasn't upset.  I rarely get upset about these things because I know that sometimes, taking time for something to simmer brings better results in the end. (That's my old, mature lady talking to me in my head.) 

Yesterday, I was walking by a table in my master bedroom and noticed Woodsy perched all alone.  I had just popped him there on a windy day, when I didn't want him to get damaged just beyond the nearest door on my patio.  Had I forgotten Woodsy?! Oh deary dear me.  I did. (Shh....don't ever tell him.)  I stood there for a moment and Viola!  My little accent was here all along!  Woodsy to the rescue!  I snatched him up, ran down the stairs and delivered him beside my cookbooks.  Perfect! Yeah! 

Yes, I realize that I am amused at some strange things. Hey, that's me. 

Now this cabinet is open, charming, and functional. I also used the gingham fabric to line the two larger cabinets that have glass fronts on them.  Ties the room together nicely.  Considering using the fabric on some sort of window treatment over the sink.  Still contemplating that one.  One other really great thing.  Now that there isn't a door on this cabinet, I can add a pendant light over the eat in table that is right in front of it!  Before, I couldn't because the door would have knocked into a hanging light. 

So pleased having Woodsy in the kitchen with me. Makes me smile.

-The End-


Yvonne said...

He looks great in his new little burrow. I think it was meant to be. I am planning a re-do of my kitchen and don't want to rip out cabinets, but just taking doors off some would be a great solution.

Liz said...

Wow - that looks great and the wee owl is right at home beside your cook books!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Good for you for not getting upset (I probably would have)...the "simmering" was just what you needed to pull off the perfect look!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Perfect home for a wise owl! I just found some owls dated 1969 at a sale. I want to paint them glossy white. Too cute!

Judy said...

I love your owl's new home. I have a thing for owl's lately. Love the new look. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.

KAT said...

Love the new look. very pleasing to the eye and brain. The black and white was a great idea...Oh Ggeee was that an idea I mentioned...(giggle) your so sweet to mention my blog too.

thank you my blog sister !

Woodsy is so happy there and handsome too

- KAT -

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love the effect! Wow! ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Desperate Houselife said...

Awesome Idea, pinning this!

Chris said...

Hi Lesley, love what you have done to your kitchen cupboards - so cheery now. Woodsy looks happy also. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

very merry vintage style said...

What a great showplace this cupboard is for all your decorations! Looks great--thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Oh I LOVE this!