Monday, October 3, 2011

Updated Autumn "Mantel" in Anticipation of Halloween

I updated my 'mantel' this weekend in a Halloween theme.  Why the quotes around the word mantel?  Well, I live in South Florida.  Not many of the homes down in this region have fireplaces.  (Read the next sentence whispering) In case you were wondering's warm here year around.  Shh....don't tell anyone.  I wrote in a blog post back in May, A Pine Hutch, #5 Crazed Jug, Antique Scale and a Strategy, about a really neat pine hutch that I found at a local collectibles mall.  This hutch has become my mantel this year. 

I layered many elements across the top, keeping in mind the vertical, horizontal and visual depth of the space.   I placed some of the taller elements deeper on the shelves layering pieces in front of them.  There is a lot of visual interest, texture and I incorporated some of my favorite vintage accessories.

I'll let the images do the talking...

I love my vintage skates and try to use
them in my decor as often as possible.
Got the idea for the Scrabble tiles from reading the blogs.
Notice that one of my woodfired pottery pieces
is layered in behind.  I like the added interest.
I hung the vintage framed cross stitch on the wall above. 
I like how it ties in.
After finishing, I realized that all the characters
seem to be singing together. Another woodfired piece on the
right by Brian Somerville.
Every year I bring out this photo of myself with
my kids when they were little people.
Gotta layer the memories in too!
Added a wreath to the red cupboard on the
other side of the dining room.
This fun little character is looking out my front door
waiting for visitors.  Notice the little pillow
tucked in between him and the pumpkin.
A friend made that the birth year of my son by
 taking using an image of him on his
first trip to the pumpkin path. Cherished.

I hope this helps get you in the 'spirit!!'  The frost is far from being on the pumpkins here, but the anticipation of Halloween is in full swing! 

-The End-
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Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I love that your beloved roller skates made an appearance ;-)

Diana Evans said...

I love pretty vignettes like this!!!! wonderful work ....looks amazing.....

KAT said...

I love both of your cupboards in this post...very nicely decorated foe fall and Halloween time. my grand daughters birthday is the day before Halloween so she LOVES October. I just sent off two Halloween books to her in the mail. I love those cheery pumpkin head guys !

- KAT -

Sunny Vanilla said...

I wish I had a spot in my house for a beautiful mantle piece like that! I love that you're into the fall spirit like me even though we're fellow Floridians :-)

Thanks for stopping by Sunny Vanilla

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love the candy under the little black tree. (Is it candy?) Shows where my mind is. There is one big down side to "frost on the pumpkin". Well 2, actually. First, the kiddies have to wear winter hats, coats and mittens when they are trick or treating. Boo! Second, our jack-o-lanterns freeze long before Halloween. Boo,hoo!

Your Halloween decorations are very fun and festive. LOVE that red cupboard!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Love that red cupboard! I am into vin age Halloween figures too! Yours are darling!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

It's very charming and I love the skates! You can do what I did in our bedroom and put up an antique mantle with no fireplace. :)

very merry vintage style said...

Great display--love the addition of the skates and of course the photo memories! Thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday

Jen T said...

Lesley I am SO behind!! I need to do some reading and catch up on everything you are doing! I love your 'mantel' and I bet you're in tank tops at no fireplace for you! And that red cupboard is magaziney - I'm pretty sure that's not a word, but you know what I mean. Love it! jen

Anonymous said...

Just popped in from the Shabby Nest. I love the roller skates. I'm amazed at the personality of all your scarecrows as well. Very fun!

Jaymie @

Ellen said...

What a great autumn "mantel". I live in New England where I should have a mantel. But I do not. I love all your decorating, and I am especailly fond of your roller skates.....