Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perusing the Blogs For Inspiration...and Finding It.

Spending time in the blogosphere, I get to see some pretty cool stuff.  There are some super creative people out there and some very impressive business women too.  The concept that people from all over the world can connect and share real work and ideas, amazes me everyday.  I wanted to share with you today what I am seeing out there in the 'blogosphere.'  (Twilight Zone theme song inserted.)

Last week, I was clickin' around a Linky Party at Beyond the Picket Fence and Remodelaholic and found this.

Can you believe that hanging bed!?  I!  The ladies at Life at Fire Lake designed and constructed this adorable, yummy hanging bed for an outdoor space at a lake front home.  Makes me wanna take a nap!

Many of the people who blog, also have Etsy pages.  From time to time I will go see what is for sale in their shops.  I am IN LOVE with this bag from The Pleated Poppy. But I hesitated and someone else bought it. Darn.  But is it the cutest thing ever. With summer approaching,  I will be stalking her page to see if another one is listed.
Image of bloom bag - sunny stripes 2 *SOLD*

As many of you know I closely follow a blog, Miss Mustard Seed.  About two weeks ago, she opened a shop at this place near her home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania called Luckett's.  She has posted a few images of what her shop looks like and it makes me drool.

So, it's Easter Week and the blogs have been lit up with Easter Decorative Items.  I have enjoyed looking at them.  I have seen eggs done more ways than a local diner.  I have seen them decoupaged with tissue, newspaper, jute and stuck to and placed inside about everything imaginable.  But it wasn't until I saw this wreath made by Tried and True and highlighted on The Blessed Nest that I thought, "What!?!"  Now, this is crazy fun and makes me think of my friend, Sue.  This wouldn't last a day at her house. 

I haven't really done much with my Easter decorating.  I have just been too busy with my master bedroom and master bath renovation and my furniture makeover projects.  But I did bring my little friends out the other day and quickly set them up on my dining table. 

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the blogosphere!  Almost the weekend, people!  Make it happen!

-The End-


Nikki said...

I absolutely adore that hanging bed too! Thanks for stopping by to see AnnaLauren's big girl bed!

Lisa said...

Peeps...Shayler addiction!