Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taking a Moment to Breathe. Reflections from the Studio

The last week has showed me that sometimes hope and courage in combination can move mountains.  Many of you know about the struggles our family has faced over the last year, especially the last 6 months.  There has been a huge turning point to the positive and I am...for the first time in a long long time able to breath again.  The hope that I have held onto so dearly has changed shape going from a desperate hope to a hope that with it carries a smile.  

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else on this earth.  It's gentle and sweet during the easy times, but tenacious and ferocious like a lion when put to the challenge of defending and saving her own.  I know this having experienced it first hand.  Don't mess with the mamma! 

For the first time in my life, I have used my art to get through it all. It has distracted me when I needed to be distracted.  It has comforted me when I needed comforting.  Through this time, I have re-connected with my artist child, clinging to it like a baby clings to it's blanket.  I don't intend on ever letting it go again because I realize that it is so much an important part of who I am.  I am amazed at what I have learned about myself. Without this difficult trial, I might not have ever found my way back to me.

F.G. in Gouache, Gouache and Charcoal on Paper
This was a quick painting based off a photograph that I took back when my son was 12.  He was standing up on a hill in Central Park in New York City.  I saved the photograph for years hoping to use it in the studio.   On a particularly gloomy day, I decided to make this piece using a combination of Payne Grey in Gouache and charcoal. 

The road ahead will not be easy.  But if I have learned anything, I have learned that every path has a matter how dark it might be...there is always light somewhere down it. You just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Still Trying to Get By...Snapshots from the Studio

"Traverse," acrylic on canvas. 24 X 30 inches

Well, I thought that I might be able to pull this blog up out of the dust, but life is just too crazy.  Perhaps I will just put tiny thoughts down and post a few images for now.  I am not taking 'professional' photos of the work yet. These are just iPhone snap shots of the paintings on easels in the studio space.

On the right, is one of my recent paintings.  I completed this about a week ago and it is no longer on the easel in my studio as pictured here in this quick snapshot on my iPhone.  It is sitting on the hearth of my fireplace along with a basket holding a blanket.

Here are a few more snapshots of some recent work.  The first one is an older painting that I took back into the studio for a few changes.  Sorry....the pic isn't centered, but hey, it's the best I got for ya now!

"Finding Answers" - Acrylic on canvas. 3 x 5 ft.
This second one is another recently completed painting.
Mood Disorder, Acrylic on canvas 3 feet by 5 feet.

I've have two paintings in progress in the studio.  I just took this quick snapshot of them sitting side by side.

The long, tall canvas is just in the beginning stages. I like to put a background of color down to start.  I just let myself paint and try not to over think the choices.  I know that most of it will be covered up in the end.

The large, square painting has three layers of paint at this point.  I started with straight-out-of-the-tube color in a block style,

Then painted a wash over and added a few opaque areas of white.

Yesterday, I covered the surface with gesso and created a mottled surface with plastic bags.

Here are a few more detailed snapshots of the surface texture.

I will be putting some sort of wash over this surface soon and add some imagery.  Still pondering on this one.

So that is it for now.  My personal life is spinning all around currently, so you will have to excuse my lack of consistency and not-so-great photos.  It's all I can do right now.  I'm okay with that. Hope you are too!

Favorite quote this week:  In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life is a Journey. The Homeless Finch Returns.

Hey! Hello!  Remember me??!!  My last blog entry was back in August of 2012.  I just dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I didn't really do such a thing.  But I did have an abrupt happening in my life that changed it forever.  I have decided to come back to my blog and start back writing.  It's been too long.  But I have been through an extremely painful time of my life and I just wasn't able to keep up with The Homeless Finch. The places I have been were all too difficult to open up and write about and all too encompassing for me to be able to ignore in my writing. I'm a truthful person...almost to a fault. But I knew what was happening needed to remain private and was all too crazy to share in an open forum like my blog.  Perhaps I will share some of what has happened in a retrospective way in the upcoming weeks.

iPhone Pic from the studio
In every dark day, there comes an enlightenment.  I have learned a lot about myself and have grown exponentially as a person.  Life is a journey. We pack a bag and in it we take ourselves, our heart, our hopes and our dreams.  We live thinking we know certain truths, certain rules, ways of thinking.  As a mother, I have learned that nothing is defined in truths, rules or thinking. We cannot live our lives thinking that if we do all the right things as a parent, that everything will just magically fall into place.  Life is a constant flow of redesigning our paths to fit what lies ahead of us.  It's about finding our true self.  It's about adapting to what is, not what could have been. It's about the simple things, like stopping to notice something sweet in recognize the beauty around us.  It's about today. It's about right now.

I am currently working on week 5 in Julie Cameron's The Artist Way and will most likely write about my related experiences. I have been writing my Morning Papers religiously for over a month and participating in Artist's Dates bi-weekly. I consider myself an artist in recovery. If you don't know what I am talking about, I will explain in upcoming posts.  I have finally started back painting in the studio and will show you my progress.  I am working toward finally finding my artistic voice; a voice I was not entitled to as a child and have never really been able to find throughout my adulthood.  Life is a journey...

Expect a change in the "look" of my blog coming up soon too!  Glad to be back!